Parka required at the Normal Theater?

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Normal Theater is showing classic Christmas movies this month, see the calendar here:

Some friends went to see Holiday on Tuesday night.  Air conditioning was blowing on them during the entire movie.  Yes, even with coats they were frozen.

One of them asked what she described as the night manager, an 18 year old looking girl, what was wrong with the heat.  She stated there was nothing she could do it about it and walked away.  No apologies.  If the theater wasn’t owned by the Town of Normal the answer probably would have been different.

My friends did see a trailer for All the Queen’s Horses – the Rita Crundwell story.  This is the lady who stole $53 Million from Dixon Il.

They showed the trailer, but there is nothing on the theater website yet saying when it will be shown.  I’ve heard it’s a great movie, if nothing else it will reinforce the idea that government and government employees must be watched!

If you are planning to catch a movie, you might want to call and see if the heat is fixed first.  This number is on the website:  309-454-9720






6 thoughts on “Parka required at the Normal Theater?

  1. The only thing surprising here is that the Normal Theater is showing “classic Christmas movies”. Since its’ inception as a government run enterprise, the Theater’s governing board has been dominated by some of the most extremist, ideologically crazed people in McLean County. Their film choices regularly reflect a desire to advance a Left-wing agenda and show absolute contempt for traditional values. Shocked something Christmas oriented slipped by.

    1. Yeah but those hypocrites still all take the day off and participate in the usual gift giving. Perhaps NO government employee should get Christmas as a paid holiday or any paid holidays. No overtime, it’s just another day to you liberal hypocrites! If ya wanna be a turd, get paid like a turd!

  2. I believe the post on the Facebook page has it on the 19th of January. With everything going on in our musical governments lately this will be a pretty good watch!

  3. I talked with a lady who was also there. They were told that the heat had been turned off by a city employee earlier in the day. They called to have someone turn it back on but they never showed. She was very cold… talked about whether she would have been warmer wearing her coat because she had it draped over her like a blanket and was still cold.

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