Normal Theater re-opens

By: Diane Benjamin

I bet the Council will still refuse to meet in person. Chris Koos can knock on doors however for his campaign.

11 thoughts on “Normal Theater re-opens

  1. Judging by historical attendance, there’s no need to worry about social distancing at the Normal Theater (or BCPA).

  2. Dan Brady’s lackeys are also campaigning door to door. I thought we had an ordinance in Normal against that.

  3. Many moons ago we used to go to the theater frequently. Things like a memorial day double with The Sands of Iwo Jima and Full Metal Jacket which is an epic double bill. The Quiet Man using a recently found never shown film copy that had absolutely beautiful color. Waking Ned Devine which is a hilarious little known at the time film. A showing of the little shown cold war film FailSafe with Henry Fonda and a great cast….the film was overshadowed at release by the classic Dr Strangelove and never garnered the interest deserved. I haven’t been there in over a decade because the films shown are crap (purely my personal opinion), usually some virtue signalling and/or leftist celluloid.

    Not only can’t real movies be made anymore, they have “cancelled” the classics.

  4. I only go once a year and that is see the classic Christmas movies on the big screen. Yes, you can see them at home, but it is a nice fun evening. Glad to see they are reopening.

  5. Remember the woman that managed that theater for over 17 years and her husband that volunteered and worked for free then the all mighty Peterson told her one day she was done. Why? Peterson and the town wanted to take the theater in a different direction. How did that work for you?

  6. Yes the almighty Peterson called her into his office one day and fired her on the spot! And Peterson gets a $100 million plaza named after him to be in charge in the city of normal one only needs to be an as:$&!/.

  7. And just like that we could watch movies in the Normal theater safely but the Town Council Couldn’t safely meet there to socially distance because we learned we were safe from Covid-19 in the theater only if we were watching a movie.

  8. The theatre is not reopening because there is customer demand or it is safe. It is opening to justify keeping staff on payroll.

    Koos and Co. will fleece us until the day Koos is removed from his throne.

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