Connect Transit SCORES!

By: Diane Benjamin

The Connect Transit Board met on September 22. Success! Over $1 million lost in August:

A few of the listed expenses:

Why does an “essential service” have to advertise?

See PDF page 55 – they still think they can recruit more people to give up driving to ride the bus:

What did it cost to transport every rider not being subsidized by ISU, Heartland etc?

What did Mobility cost per person?

Fares are suspended again until November. Guess who is paying so customers can ride for free:

Redistribution of money the Federal government printed. This is not going to end well.






7 thoughts on “Connect Transit SCORES!

  1. Connect Transit is not managed with logical, sound decision making and it certainly isn’t managed with any degree of business acumen. First, it offers a subpar service that no one with a choice in transportation options would ever choose. Transportation that runs on a fixed schedule and at fixed locations set by government and quasi-government bureaucrats. Who would take two buses and 30 minutes to go the work on the Farm when they can drive there in 8 minutes (average commute time in BN) and have the ability to leave whenever they want/need without having to rush to meet a fixed pickup time. Not to mention, picking up and dropping off the kiddos here and there requires a car. Bottom line, you can’t sell the unsellable. There are no new prospective customers for CT to acquire. Riders come through social service organizations and universities. Let’s assume for the sake of argument that I’m wrong and there are new customers out there, why would CT advertise via dated media like TV and radio? Just $200 on Facebook advertising?! Really?! I bet someone tried it once and said this “new age stuff” doesn’t work, so they stopped. Sad.

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  2. Come on man…. it’s only a million dollars! Let’s focus on some REAL issues like:

    Imaginary racism
    Imaginary economic injustice
    Imaginary criminal injustice
    Imaginary discrimination
    Imaginary police racism

    And finally, Orange Man is the CAUSE of ALL of the above, so who cares about Huge empty buses pounding our roads into bomb craters? We need to do everything we can to support Old Hair-Sniffing Corrupt-as-Hell Joe Biden win back the White House.


  3. I sometimes have to wonder WHICH goes faster-money at Connect Transit, or peeing in a funnel, but then I always come to the realization that I drop the funnel.. CT wins..

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