Bloomington: Your Ward 5 candidates

By: Diane Benjamin

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

This was Twitter yesterday after the Breonna Taylor decision. A grand jury – CITIZENS called on to make decisions – agreed two of the officers should not be charged. The decisions were not made by the police, a State’s Attorney, or even the BLACK Attorney General. Citizens heard the facts and decided only one officer should be prosecuted.

Citizens deciding justice wasn’t good enough for Patrick Lawler. See the 2nd Tweet. He wants political appointees to have the power to “hold officers accountable”. Of course he wants to defund the police. His third tweet implies Tari Renner is appointing people to boards and commissions that do not represent the community. (Art Taylor too Pat?) His 4th Tweet is typical of far left politicians – people need divided by color. This high school teacher wants to bring back segregation. He wants to make sure people he thinks are victims know they are victims.

Two officers were shot in Louisville last night. I didn’t see a single tweet from Jenn Carrillo or Patrick Lawler expressing outrage at that violence.

Tweets from the other announced candidate after being asked to comment by Jenn Carrillo. Systemic racism? America and Bloomington are not racist. Declaring systemic racism exists plays into the hands of the clowns wanting to overthrow the Constitution. Mike, are now on the hook to fix it since you admitted it exists.

Carrillo put this on her official City of Bloomington Facebook page, she doesn’t believe citizens in Louisville made the right decisions. Unless you agree with her you are guilty. I hope she isn’t voting Democrat, they are who she is referring to with her Jim Crow comments.

This nonsense isn’t going to stop until BLACK people stop it. Sick of whites and pretend oppressed people speaking for you? Survey after survey in black communities show blacks support the police. They know anarchy would exist in their neighborhoods without them. See Chicago where police aren’t allowed to police.

Don’t forget this event – the local first responders need to know you have their back:

13 thoughts on “Bloomington: Your Ward 5 candidates

  1. Many social service agencies are redundent and serve their own empire building needs. Consumers come second, based on what the funding the agency receives from the state or charity. Agencies say they are supporting families, but in realty, they are laying the groundwork for another generation to be dependent on the government.

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  2. Hey look. The kids are throwing temper tantrums again. “If we don’t get what we want, we’ll lay down in the street and scream about it.” I’ve seen toddlers that were better at behaving and acting right in public than these so-called “adults.” Besides, isn’t there a word for committing acts of violence to get what you want?

    To Patrick: Why is it that redundancy is preferred over training? Why not offer social service training to existing personnel? Why hire extra people to do the same job? Seems wasteful to me. How many complaints has the PSCRB fielded since it’s inception? Don’t make the problem seem worse than it is. Also, the law holds police officers accountable, not citizens. If citizens were responsible, three officers would have been charged yesterday, not one.

    To Mike: My thoughts are with her mother, too. Where we differ is that I would be ashamed of my daughter selling dangerous drugs to her own people. I would be ashamed to find out my daughter had a hand in running a trap house, selling poison to the very black lives you claim to care about. I’m sorry, but could you explain to me how helping to run drugs has anything to do with “systemic racism?” And thank you so much for committing yourself to doing the job that the elected office you are running for is supposed to be doing. It’s a sad day when politicians run on a platform of “I promise to do my job!”

    To Jenn: It’s funny to see you admit to being a part of a system that is guilty. What is it that you are admitting guilt to, exactly? If the whole damn system’s got to go, does that mean we can throw YOU out with it? After all, you are part of the system you are claiming is guilty and has to go. You are exactly what I was talking about in the beginning. A child throwing a temper tantrum to get their way. “Wah, wah, I don’t like how some other state is handling something. BURN IT ALL DOWN!!! Wah, wah. Give me what I want, NOW, or you’re all racist, bigot, fascists!!”

    I thought we were against mob rule, guys. Or are we only against it when it’s convenient?

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  3. What does any of this have to do with The City of Bloomington’s business and why these people want to tax and spend causing even more economic oppression locally?

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  4. Patrick is a nutjob, so nothing new here. speaks for itself. It seems Mike is trying to do ‘woke lite’ in an effort to avoid harassment from the SJW mob, while quietly currying favor (and future votes) from the fed-up small business community and establishment players (on the down-low) who have had enough of Jenn and Friends. Trust me, folks, the woke mob is much less popular in BN than it might appear. But, as Diane reminds us (so often), it all depends on who shows up at the polls. Meanwhile, the financials of Bloomington are in dire straights with plummeting tax receipts, more debt-financed boondoggles (hello, Connect Transit), and a large employer that is hiring outside BN and moving its best and brightest to other locations.

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  5. “Systemic racism” is a marxist deception concept used by failed communists to avoid taking responsibility for their own failures, and to enlist other losers to help them steal from others. PLENTY of people of all colors and backgrounds have worked within the “evil system” (i.e., our Constitutional Republic based on laws applied equally) to reach enormous heights of success. The implication of systemic racism is equality of outcome, which by definition is communism.

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  6. The “War on Poverty” has been a disaster, and now these want-a-be leaders propose allocating more tax dollar subsidies…smh.
    Quit with the protests and rioting. Quit claiming Bloomington is a “hell hole.” We need businesses to locate here that provide well-paying jobs to help break the cycle of poverty. There needs to be personal responsibility for staying in school to aquire marketable skillsets.
    These candidates are pathetic! Straza is the best that could be found to compete in Ward 5?

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    1. You can thank people like Tari Renner, Mike Matekja, Erik Rankin and the usual suspects that recruit and encourage these types of people to run for public office. Their long-term wet dream for years is to turn BN and McLean County blue no matter the consequences to the community. These people don’t care about job creation, social and economic stability or anything of the sort. When they were the same age they were the radicals at their own schools. They hate they the principles that America was founded on and what it stands for. You should hear the way these people talk when within their own circles..They only care about the power and get off telling other people what to do and how and get others who think like them to run for office. Look at the stupid stuff they are concerned about at council meetings, (public art, public transit that is a failure, social issues that are basically a figment of their imagination or what’s going on in another community 300 or 1,000 miles away.

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  7. ALL I have to say to Mr Lawler AND MS Carillo. You BOTH need to looks at FACTS and the THROUGH investigation that took place here before spewing sewage and hate out of your mouths!
    IF for some reason you THINK this country is unfair with policing it’s citizens, may I recommend. Iran, Thailand, Mali, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, or Jenn, MAYBE your HOMELAND of Mexico! IF you hate this country so much, how about going back. NOW say something stupid! As I’m betting a friend that within 72 hours YOU WILL!

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    1. Townie, I am a bit confused. All of the countries you listed have lower rates of incarceration than the United States. I do not understand what the problrm is with these countirez.


  8. Mid Central Community Action should be the poster child for what’s wrong with social service agencies in McLean County. Diane, I’m surprised you’ve not caught wind on a majority of the injustice that takes place under the helm of Debra White.


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