Early Voting starts tomorrow. DON’T!

by: Diane Benjamin

In my opinion voting in September for an election in November is lamebrained, dim-witted, and unintelligent. There will be “October surprises”, the presidential debates don’t even start until next week.

The ONLY reason to vote now is to pretend you investigated all the candidates and have determined which ones represent your values. You are also pretending you have the moral authority to declare one party and every candidate running in that party superior to every other candidate since voting this early likely means voting straight party.


Since voters rejected abolishing the Bloomington Election Commission which would have saved money, sample ballots for Bloomington and the rest of the County are available in different places.

Sample Bloomington ballot: https://www.becvote.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/General-Election-1120.pdf

Everywhere but Bloomington sample ballot: https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/18439/McLean-Specimen-Ballot?bidId=

Every election I get questions about candidates, here’s my take:

The Democrat party is now the party of destroying everything America has stood for since its founding. They want you to believe America was never great. They want to take away your freedom so they have power. Voting for Biden is really a vote for whoever is writing his scripts. He obviously won’t serve 4 years. Living in Illinois means you already know stealing your money for their agenda is how Democrats roll. Want higher taxes? Vote Democrat. I guarantee this election will not be fair, free, or conclusive. Yes, it will get even more divisive.

Dick Durbin is turning SEVENTY SIX this year! Democrats never go away until they die. If you read his Tweets you would know he does nothing but throw flames at anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He needs to go! If he is re-elected he will be 82 when his term expires.

Unless I REALLY like a candidate who is running unopposed I leave it blank. There is one on the ballot, figure it out yourself. There is also one I’m definitely leaving blank.

That brings me to this race:

The Republican candidate is a disaster!

The Democrat candidate is also a disaster! (Search BlnNews.com, lots of Fazzini stories)

The Auditor position is supposed to be your watchdog of County funds. What better candidate than the one running not associated with either party?

I’m voting for Kevin Woodard.

Kathy Yoder is doing a great job as Coroner, she deserves re-election.

I vote No on retaining ANY judge. There is no better path to corruption than not exercising your right to term limits. Judges, just like politicians, need changed frequently.

Danvers: What is behind this one?

Want your taxes to go up to pay government’s share?

This one is a no-brainer:

I agree Barack.







17 thoughts on “Early Voting starts tomorrow. DON’T!

  1. I appreciate the quote from Obama. The Mayor and majority of the council disagreed with Obama and doubled the gas tax Monday. They must all be anti-Obama.

    Loyal Democrats should be furious and be hounding Cummings who is running as a Democrat for State Rep. Plus Koos was appointed to Amtrak as a Democrat.

  2. Normally, I like to get to the polls early so I don’t have to stand in line behind all those dead people. Haha! Fazzini is like a stray cat, he keeps coming back. Must be low on money or influence. Just think, your next auditor could be a political crony that has no business acumen or care for taxpayer money.

  3. I’m still voting early, already made up my mind. Trump does not represent values, he won’t get my vote, nor will anyone who supports him. However, I will wait until after the debates to vote early.

  4. Trump has nothing in his back pocket to lead me to vote for him. I don’t want a repeat of the last four years. And regarding the others, I have done my homework, so I’ll be voting early!

  5. I’ve watched Trump for the past four years, and nothing he can say or do at this point will lead me to vote for him.

    I’ve done my homework on the others, and I will be voting for the graduated income tax.

  6. So far this week we have mail in ballots found in a ditch in WI and military absentee ballots discarded in PA….all votes for Donald. Vote in person, vote on election day, end early and mail in voting, ID required. Voting isn’t for your convenience, it’s for the country. If you want to vote like Venezuela then move there.



  7. To mr Adams and friend, go ahead and vote for “ole Joe” and in a week, he’ll forget WHAT in the hell he is doing. IF you CANNOT see the EARLY stages of dementia, then YOU also, should see a doctor before being ALLOWED to vote! And as for Kamilla, yeah baby, let’s have a political ladder climbing, adultress in the race! Just look up her record with the CA senator who is 30 years OLDER then her and she was bopping, before she got where she is. YEAH BABY! let’s do them OLD MEN and climb on their shirt tails, especially IF they are married! Morals are beyond most ANY Democrat. YOU have PROVEN THAT! But at least TRY and vote intelligently, and NOT with your Stupid side!

    1. Guess you haven’t seen Trump in action, forgetting things, stumbling, and needing two hands to drink a glass of water. And I don’t care about Harris’s private life; and all politicians climb the political ladder.

      As in 2016, both parties let us down, and have done it again. I see Biden as the lesser of two evils.

  8. “Biden has dementia! ” What evidence do you have that’s true? None. Biden has done speeches off the cuff and speeches that he successfully read. He has done better at Town Halls than Trump who bungled through a Town Hall incoherently going on about “Herd mentality”. When Trump reads anything including off a Teleprompter he does so in a sing song monotone and often mispronounces words, makes up more incoherent word salads which would be hilarious if it wasn’t coming out of the mouth of the president of the United States. Case in point: George Washington attacking airports “Our Army manned the air, it ran the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.” all in 1789… You have more evidence that Trump has “dementia” than Biden.

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