The Tiny House Winners

By: Diane Benjamin

A reader asked me yesterday if I knew who won the Tiny House raffle that supported the Midwest Food Bank and Spread Truth. See one of the previous stories:

I didn’t know, but I found out. They live in Strawn, IL. This post is from Facebook:

4 thoughts on “The Tiny House Winners

  1. I have a bigger garage. Thanks, but hard pass here.

    And to add insult to injury, I’m sure they had to cough up a bunch of cash for the taxes before taking the title to that trailer. I’m not sure who the bigger fools are in this… But fools and their money are soon parted.


  2. Tiny house or party hut? I hope they get GOOD use out of it, and REALLY can use it, rathere then someone who COULD use a small place to “squat” on a farm or such until they CAN get back to a real place.. Just seems like a promotional waste..


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