And now for Bloomington last night

By: Diane Benjamin

The building codes discussion wasn’t very interesting until they got to sprinklers retro-fitted in old buildings – mostly downtown. If more than 300 people attend events they might be requiring sprinklers within the next 3 years.

Evidently they want to see a lot more empty buildings downtown! Even Jenn Carrillo knows that puts people out of business, she mentions a gathering spot that was forced to quit using a building.

It remains to be seen if sprinklers will make the final list. This discussion was long and boring unless it affects you. If you need a nap . . . .

The public art discussion doesn’t start until 59:00. The usual suspects are supporting it: Tilton’s, Eaton’s. That of course means downtown, but discussions went to parks in addition to downtown. Parks in subdivisions don’t make a lot of sense since only those residents will know it exists. It would likely be prone to vandalism too since it’s tucked away out of sight.

I wonder why Gleason and Tyus didn’t mention the cows in Decatur? Scattered all over Decatur are cows, maybe 3-4 feet tall, all painted different. They are incredibly heavy so they can’t “walk off” easily. They are located in front of businesses. Each business got to select how their cow was painted. I don’t know how they were funded, the businesses must have at least contributed. They are cohesive and uniform across the city and completely cool art!

Of course Bloomington wants public art, taxpayer funded even it they are talking about using park dedication fees. It’s still money that could be used for other sources like playground equipment.

The biggest take-away from the discussion is:

Segregation is thriving!

Jenn thinks the west side needs different public art than other areas. The point of the discussion was unity throughout the City until Jenn decided to inject race-art.

The tentative plan is to have a committee to do all the work. 3 members of the community would be on it plus 2 each from other established committees. Jenn wants to rotate people so her side of town can get what they want instead of what the rest of Bloomington gets.

(The cow idea is looking better and better!)

(Doesn’t have to be cows, use your imagination)

It looks like now segregation is encouraged. Fighting for decades for equality must have been a waste of time. At least Jenn thinks so.

Here’s another segregation supporter:

Who is going to start the White Student Union? Hispanic Student Union? Mixed race Student Union? Evidently all races need to claim their own space.

Don’t judge people by their character, that’s racist.

Are we being divided on purpose? I suggest paying attention to the clues being dropped everywhere.

The only other news was Scott Black is resigning at the end of October. He’s moving out of the Ward.

8 thoughts on “And now for Bloomington last night

  1. do you know where I was raised in the deep South you judge a person by their character not by the color of their skin. It seems to me everything is racist now no matter what you say no matter what you do it’s sad that people are raising their children just like that. I’m American Indian dissent and I am so sick of it so sick of everybody worried about somebody skin color. What we should be is Americans nothing more. We were in this beautiful free Country well we can do and say anything we want to without consequences. Words are just words but when you hurt people because I don’t think it see what you want them to then we have a problem.

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  2. Scott Black, good riddance buddy. You quit again. Got elected to the County Board and quit that so you could be an alderman. Now quitting that. It’s be the right thing to do Scotty boy if you quit deceiving people and quit running for public office that you’ve now got an established track record for quitting. So yeah, good riddance!


  3. So, Jenn’s dope smoking/politico meeting room has been condemned? That’s too bad. As for cows, Bloomington had CORN 20 years ago, they were blue, and old Mike Bloomingshines one of Custer kept getting beat up by persons unknown at about 2 a.m ( bar crowd?) They had them scatter from Famous Daves to the BCPA (consistory)
    As for “modern art” How about we get and Andy Warhol style painting of TRump on the back wall of the BCPA and maybe some other FAMOUS folks on other walls, like HAS BEEN ALREADY DONE over the yeras in downtown. And IF TAri or Jenn thinks that paintings are going to increase downtown traffic, then they ARE more dumb-assed then koos and his one uptown boondoggle!
    Is there some kind of CONTEST for the STUPID dumb-ass political ideal of the year between these folks? If so, let koos WIN for GOD’S sake!!


  4. Bloomington should do like Cincinnati did a few years ago. They had PIGS.(They still have the flying pig marathon). If Bloomington did it they would represent the Illinois politicians and could have little jockey silks with the politicians name on it….We have Porkey Prikster the the taxation pig.

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  5. I guess that shows what Black feels about his ward. It doesn’t possess what he feels a “dream home” is. Too bad Tari will make an appointment that harms the business and community environment in Bloomington.

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  6. Not to worry about the expenses for Downtown buildings, Diane, the taxpayers will probably be picking up the tab. Remember, the laws of physics and economics don’t apply to Downtown. It’s the center of commerce in Bloomington, according to our local leaders. To no one’s surprise, public art has already turned political with Jenn playing the race card. Government will be approving art and you get to pay for it. It’s a lose, lose.

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  7. Funny thing IS that WHEN you start getting RID of “racist” art etc, the people involved LOOSE their heritage! Just today old “Uncle Bens” decided that they would loose the “ethnic” part, so that African American children WILL NOT know where this all came from! Sounds GREAT in theory, but in 50 years, we’ll ALL be accused of wiping away the heritage of said ethnicity! SO Who’s fault is it THEN?? COME ON JENN I’d REALLY like to hear at least ONE intelligent thought out of you, as I believe as YOU and your ilk “erase” YOUR own heritage, guess what?? You’re DOOMED to repeat it.. Plain and SIMPLE! What next “white chocolate”? Basically, you’re too far from reality to realize that YOU are the ones RESPONSIBLE for racism. PERIOD!

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