Couple of other notes from Bloomington last Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Diana Hauman is going to represent Bloomington on the McLean County Regional Planning Commission when her term as alderman ends April 30th.  The MCRPC site shows two vacancies for representing Bloomington.  I do know one of them occurred when Michael Gorman announced he is moving to Chicago.  Green Top Grocery will need a new Board President too.  Maybe Hauman can convince MCRPC it isn’t their job to plan the lives of citizens as they see fit, I doubt it though.

Tari loves to do proclamations at meetings.  Last Monday he did two:


The meeting was held April 8th, so the National Library Week makes sense.

Tari never explained why he did the other proclamation since it’s over  month away!

Is Tari going on an extended vacation?  

4 thoughts on “Couple of other notes from Bloomington last Monday

  1. is it difficult to not say something negative about tari in each council post? why does it matter that he did one thats a month away? I’m all for keeping him in check on the many other issues facing bloomington but comments like those serve no purpose


  2. If Taxin’ Tari goes on vacation, who’s the new mayor pro-tem since Schmidt is on her way out? Eee-nee-mee-mi-nee-mo, he’ll choose,,,,,,,,,,,? Jenn??? Ugh!


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