Bloomington: Travel and bonds

By: Diane Benjamin Proof COVID is over, Bloomington employees are back to traveling: Go to PDF page 130 and following see for yourself. Don’t miss this one: $6754.00 for ONE Conference. I could say I hope more than one person went for that price, but then I’d have to ask why more than one […]

Open Window – toss cash

By: Diane Benjamin Citizen survey – Normal Police: Semi-annual bond payments: The majority of these payments do nothing to pay down the debt. Interest totals $1,577,138.75. The amount to reduce the debt is only $470,000. A “Responsible City”?

Arena hits just keep on coming

By:  Diane Benjamin Bills and Payroll for tonight: Coliseum expenses: The first entry is for bills Bloomington paid that VenuWorks needs to reimburse  – all the rest are coming out of taxpayers pockets: I don’t remember ever seeing a check written for loan payments, usually they do wire transfers: $795,000 was paid in principal […]

More on Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin This information is from the budget: I don’t know why the budgeted revenue was decreased for this year, but Normal still plans to collect a lot of money for licenses, fines, fees, and permits.  Maybe it’s down because little development is happening creating a need for permits.  PDF page 27. This […]

Interest is NEVER part of the cost

By:  Diane Benjamin Projects governments dream up never include the true cost, interest paid for decades could increase the price by 50%.  It could be even worse for Normal because they are paying no principal on many of their bonds – just interest.  Monday night is the semi-annual bond payments approval festivities.  Of course, discussion […]

March losses at the BCPA

By:  Diane Benjamin Did the BCPA have only held 3 events during March?   Only 3 reports are listed on the City website.  All three lost money and had dismal attendance: Other events took place according to the event calendar: Zero transparency for those. The losses above do not include salaries and other operating […]