Open Window – toss cash

By: Diane Benjamin

Citizen survey – Normal Police:

Semi-annual bond payments:

The majority of these payments do nothing to pay down the debt. Interest totals $1,577,138.75. The amount to reduce the debt is only $470,000. A “Responsible City”?

5 thoughts on “Open Window – toss cash

  1. Normal’s logic for paying debt is similar to those who get into credit card trouble – Max out how much you can spend, then make the minimum payments. They are oblivious to the fact of how much more that costs. In my opinion, this approach is fiscally irresponsible. But we are in Illinois, so they can defend their position with statements like ‘the State does it, so there is nothing wrong with us doing it’.

    The only way to change the debt burden that local politicians have built for our grandchildren to figure out how to pay is to elected people with a different perspective on debt than the ones who got us to this point.

    Elections matter.

    Stan Nord – Taxpayer representative on the Normal Town Council with an adverse opinion on Normal’s use of debt.

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  2. Shut all small businesses starting with bike shops. That alone will save taxpayers millions on trails. Barricade downtown normal, let the freaks come out and smoke their pot, pee in the streets, share needles, give each other covid, you name it. Like a mini-san Francisco. But sams, walmart, target, menards, etc can all stay open with remarkably no publicly announced large covid cases in their organizations. Very sketchy.

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