Koos needs to answer!

By: Diane Benjamin

The Normal Town council is meeting Monday night. Agenda: https://normal.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/3830

Chris Koos needs to explain why on November 2nd he read a statement at Council which said complaints concerning violations of Pritzker’s order would be referred to the Health Department . .


13 days later Pam Reece is sending the Police to Maggie Miley’s!

Did Koos lie or did Pam Recce decide to torture small businesses on her own?

If you missed the story: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/02/normal-shut-down-a-local-business/

Obviously Koos and company do not want to hear from citizens, very few ever speak at Public Comment. If you care about having small businesses left when COVID is over, the time to speak up is now!

Below is the agenda:

6. Mid-Central Community Action will be handing out Federal dollars

7. The documentation claims property taxes will be the same as last year. Can you tell there is an election next April?

8. Ditto 7. They won’t be paying debt with property taxes.

I expect a sappy discussion claiming the Town is fiscally responsible. I feel like Normal residents aren’t outraged enough about the interest Normal is paying. Interest is wasting money, especially if decades of interest payments are necessary. That is like paying for everything TWICE. In Normal that is exactly what they are doing! As long as the payments can be made they don’t care about debt or how much interest is paid.

See the interest payments for Monday night: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/04/open-window-toss-cash/






12 thoughts on “Koos needs to answer!

  1. WHAT? koos lie? I guess next we’ll find out that uptown is in debt. OH, the humanity!
    Once again, uptown PROVES it’s “business friendly atmosphere”. I wouldn’t built ANYTHINg in uptown.
    Meanwhile, RIVIAN is moving is moving THOUSANDS of tons of dirt. Is that where koos is hiding the bodies? Just see the very north end of the parking lot. Maybe the NEW uptown ski resort???
    Mistubishi suckered uptown, now it’s RIVIANS turn. Some idiots NEVER learn, but they’ll turn in a eating establishment with 10 patrons in it. THANK YOU MS REESE.

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  2. Last year, Normal voted not to raise the property tax levy. After that vote, they did a 180 and raised them with zero advanced public notice and public comment. Lorenz was the turncoat who originally voted down the increase then voted to raise property taxes. (Lorenz is a Republican Committee person…And I thought Republicans were for lower taxes.)

    Here are some excerpts from the minutes of that meeting.

    “Mr. McCarthy suggested Council amend the Ordinance to restore $96,834 back to general fund operations.”

    “Ms. Lorenz stated when Council made its previous decision on the levy, they didn’t understand the impact of that decision”

    “Councilmember Karyn Smith stated it is a bad faith move to take action on this amendment without public comment. Ms. Smith indicated she feels the Communications Director position doesn’t rise above properly funding pensions, noting it is the wrong priority.”

    “Mr. Nord then stated there is a distrust of government, indicating this decision could create additional distrust.”

    “Mr. Preston then stated constituents were led to believe there would be a reduction of the tax rate and he is not comfortable with a complete change of course on the matter.”

    “Mayor Koos stated the action is meant to correct an error, indicating the Communications Director position was offered up as an outcome as a result.”

    AYES: McCarthy, Cummings, Lorenz, Koos.
    NAYS: Preston, Nord, Smith.

    The full discussion starts on page 3 of the minutes.

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    1. Yes, Normal your taxes were raised AFTER the tax hearing in which they voted not to raise them. Yes, without any opportunity for the public to state their protest. Anyone who votes to reelect McCarthy or Cummings in the next election is crazy. Preston too, even though he voted against this. And yes, this vote was to hire a new tax payer funded propaganda spin person whose probably working on the Koos reelection campaign. McCarthy bragged about what a deal this was for the people of Normal to have better communication from their government.


  3. Koos says one thing then does another.

    – Protests were excluded from the 10 people gathering restriction, then the town says Protests are restricted.

    – Bans door to door solicitation, then he goes door to door soliciting for signatures.

    – Says the gas tax increase is to fix roads, then he uses the money to build bike trails.

    – Says social distancing complaints will be forwarded to the Health Dept, then sends police.

    Just because Koos says something does not mean it should be believed.

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    1. You are exactly right – he needs to answer some questions. We know WGLT and the Pantagraph won’t ask one of their great funding sources these questions. I am at a loss for who will – besides Diane. I disagree with many on this forum for one reason….I don’t think Koos is a bad guy. I thank him for his service to this country and I think it still haunts him. I have sympathy and admiration for what he was called to do. His immortality may have a great deal to do with our debt. However, a legacy for him and the majority of the council will be a burden for generations to come. Chris has done well in our capitalistic system. I do not fault him for that. I do not eat the same gourmet meals he makes at home, or can get in his Uptown. I don’t drink the expensive wine he drinks at home, or can get in his Uptown. But I expect him, as Mayor, to understand those of us who work hard to just get by. Normal celebrated being debt free not that many decades ago. Really celebrated. Wouldn’t that be something now?! During Covid?! During an economic downturn?! Wouldn’t that be something if we had paid as you go. Budgeted. Expected something unexpected?! Built what we could afford? You know…..acted like the majority of your constituents must do every… single… day?! That would have been something to be proud of! That Mayor Koos, would have been a legacy.

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  4. Donaldson:
    I don’t deny ANYONE who has served in ANY branch of the military, But I believe that Koos uses that as a “posturing” for himself, to make him look good. It’s the MEN who went into Utah beach, Iwo Jima, the FRONT lines, etc. and such that did the DIRTY work, and they don’t discuss it. NOR do they want to. So I say YES, Koos is leaving a legacy, but NOT a good one that’s worth $100 MILLION!

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