Renner and Green Top news

By: Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner has been mayor for 7 1/2 years. On his way out he finally gets around to calling for Bloomington’s dispatch to return to METCOM! Leaving METCOMN was a boneheaded idea and should NEVER have happened. Think government works for you?

Tari, you could have done something much earlier to end calling 911 and getting transferred because the wrong agency got to the call first. How many lives has this cost when seconds matter?

Of course he did campaign twice on fixing the streets. How did that work out Bloomington? Looks like you get a water park and a rebuilt library instead.

Green Top Grocery:

A reader told me he saw a legal notice in the paper. Green Top (still with a Black Lives Mater flag visible from Washington St) currently has a liquor license to sell beer and wine. They now want a PAS license to sell all types of alcohol even on Sundays. Maybe next they can turn the kitchen area into a neighborhood bar, Washington School won’t mind.

Guess the “food desert” destination doesn’t make enough money to keep the place afloat. Do they still send newsletters to their investors? Nobody has sent me one for awhile.

6 thoughts on “Renner and Green Top news

  1. I got into this mess believing it would be accessible. I’ve been there 3 times. It is to expensive for local residents and to far out of the way for those interested in their products. Now it seems too political for people who are just interested in healthy food choices.

    1. Now this store was the answer to the local “food desert” that I guess exists in that area of town. It is amazing that anyone is detached enough from the real world to think that regular (not rich) people would shop at the Green Top.

      But then these are the same people who think Sleepy Joe is going to be president.
      Yes regular folks are shopping at Walmart or Aldi or Kroger.

      And President Trump is going to serve for another 4 years…

  2. Hell, let them expand into all manner of business in order to valiantly try to stay afloat.

    Green Top Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms?

    Green Top Package Liquor, Cold Beer and Hot Women Gentleman’s Club?

    Green Top Used Cars and Liquor?

    Green Top Fresh Vegetables and Fresher Meat?

    Green Top State-run Grocery Store and Liquor Shop?

    Green Top Lodge: Rent by the hour.

  3. With another Aldi slated to go in, I can see that torpedoing Green Top’s business. Go to Green Top and get 5 items or go to Aldi and get a cart-full. What makes sense for those most impacted by the food desert. If you want a good bus route, make sure there are stops to get to Aldi during core grocery shopping hours.

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