UPDATE: Normal shut down a local business

See story update: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/02/body-cam-video-at-maggie-mileys-denied/

By: Diane Benjamin

A comment made by radio host Steve Suess during his November 21st show needed an investigation. https://www.spreaker.com/user/cities929/november-21-2020

Fast forward to 87:00. Steve talked about an establishment in Normal that was shut down by Normal police for continuing in-door dining. He didn’t ask the owner for permission to use the name of the restaurant, so he didn’t. I found out by FOIA. It was the now out of business Maggie Miley’s.

This will not be the only location that couldn’t survive Pritzker’s proclamation that carry no weight of law. Anything spewed from his mouth is not law since our elected representatives never voted. At least one other state legislature has filed articles of impeachment against their Republican governor for doing the same thing.

What the FOIA shows:

Keep in mind this a SUNDAY:

Pam Reece doesn’t have to worry about losing her job because Pritzker won’t shut down City Hall. Last year Pam received Total Compensation of $237,367, she has no idea what it feels like to lose your business or to be unemployed because Pritzker deemed you dangerous. Mayor Chris Koos doesn’t either since his business isn’t affected.

10 minutes later the Police Chief responded, note this is a Sunday afternoon – not a late night party:

Below is a copy of the police report filed a short time later:

Maggie Miley’s was simply trying to stay in business. The local police and your tax dollars were used to put them out of business at the orders of Pam Reece. Again, they didn’t break any laws and obviously everyone present was socially distanced and staff was wearing masks.

The McLean County Health Department would have to prove in court that Maggie Miley’s was a danger and source for spreading COVID to shut them down. While other mayors and law enforcement officers around the State have declared they will not enforce Pritzker’s mitigation orders, Normal via unelected Pam Reece called out the police to enforce non-existent laws. Did Pam Reece do this on her own or did someone tell her to? Email her and ask: [email protected]

Remember this Normal when your taxes are raised because businesses no longer generate tax dollars and you have to make up the difference.

The Body Cam video has been FOIA’d.

Comments about government keeping us safe from a virus 99% survive will be deleted. If you don’t know why, read the Constitution.







32 thoughts on “UPDATE: Normal shut down a local business

  1. So Pam is driving around trying to find businesses to shut down… This story sounds familiar…Jeff Craybill and Jenn Carillio were on FB doing the same thing. Pam is Normal’s Jeff and Jenn.

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  2. The most important thing to remember in all of this is that the Constitution of the United States doesn’t GIVE us our rights, it AFFIRMS them. The owners of any business shut down like this should sue every single politician involved, all the way down to the police officer making the stop, for violating their civil liberties. The government has way too much authority for regulating businesses, and even individual citizens. Besides, it’s not like Fuhrers Pritzker, Koos, and Reece can’t afford the attorneys, what with them still making money, despite every attempt to shut down their competition. Heck, Koos’ behavior alone, while it may not be criminal (I am not qualified to make that statement), it certainly raises huge questions about his ethics.

    At the end of the day, if people would stop giving up their rights to the government, we could avoid situations like this in the future. We have let the government greatly exceed its mandate, and I personally don’t think we have much more time to shrink it back down before it’s too late. If it’s not too late already, that is.

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  3. If the independents were smart, they’d ban together,,,and if possible class action sue the city, the state, and persoanlly sue all individuals responsible for violating the law and their Constitutional rights. Not sure if it works that way or not but sure sounds good. Any lawyers reading this?

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  4. We really have set a new standard for what state and local governments can impose on their citizens. We are in new territory now and the control freaks are hyperventilating in excitement.

    After Covid is gone and we have the usual flu season and people are dying in nursing homes, as they alway have and forever will, how hard will our arms be twisted again? Will McDonalds be the only restaurant left because all other restaurants can’t afford to only be open in the summer and/or they can’t afford to use robotics?

    If I was thinking about starting a small business of any kind now…… well, I would think about something else.

    AS USUAL the unintended consequences of leftist politics that only sees to the end of its nose.

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  5. Are we (the taxpayers) still paying for economic development? Might as well shut that down. And oh! Business friendly claim can get flushed down the toilet as well.

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  6. A solution?
    Every restaurant should make its patrons read a statement that says something like this.

    “We take every precaution required but please be aware that eating in this restaurant could expose you to a virus.”

    Just as –

    “Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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  7. Looking at this from a 180* angle, WHERE does MS Reece THINK her $237 K a year “butt warming” job comes from?? It’s vindictiveness like this in shutting down your “opponents” or such, that will bite her in the ass, then she’ll be working as a server or such, then MAYBE she’ll see the OTHER side of HER actions.. But I doubt it.
    Bottom line, WHERE does SHE THINK her salary comes from??
    So this put 80 people out of work. HOW MANY died that day of covid-that weren’t already fighting existing conditions or at an advanced age group?

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    1. If you have ever met her, or her husband or mom-in-law it would take you all of ten minutes to realize the Clan Reece is pretty pleased with itself.

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  8. As higher education (ISU) is being disrupted in front of their eyes?
    As the virus shutdown continues to hurt and close small businesses?
    As the population of Normal declines.
    As their amateur car maker has yet to make a car?

    Normal is hell bent on chasing the businesses that remain out-of-town?

    This is all a desperate plea for help from Pam, Koos and the cabal.
    You can really help them by voting Koos and company out of office next April
    And send Pam to the unemployment line (Are you listening Pam?).

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  9. I find it more curious as this goes on and on that these people fail to realize some very simple things. The only reason they have any pull whatsoever is based on a social contract with the individual average citizen. The contract does not imply prolonged acceptance of fascist actions. Yes I said fascist. For those in the woodwork that like to throw that word around all the time you really don’t understand it’s meaning. Forget courts, warrants, imperial decrees by Porkulus Maximus etc. When the contract is revoked there will then be some understanding as to how this all works. Revoke your consent or follow the herd to the precipice.

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  10. Did anyone else happen to catch the very interesting report on the Johns Hopkins website last week that has since been yanked off? By a statistical economist looking at mortality in the U.S. this year. Overall deaths in the U.S. this year have REMAINED CONSTANT when compared to past years. The only difference being categorizations. “COVID” deaths (increase, new category) and a curious, suspicious, commensurate DECREASE in heart disease-related deaths. Which has never, ever, ever, ever, happened. CURIOUS, ISN’T IT??

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  11. Well, well, well. This is going to cost Koos big come next election. Maggie’s is not exactly a Republican clubhouse. People were very sad when Maggie’s announced their closure. I even heard an online crowdfunding page/account was setup. The political fallout from this action could be huge. (I expect the Pantagraph and WGLT to pretend this never happened, and then later write a spin piece once the story can no longer be ignored.) Hopefully, other restauranteurs will speak out publicly and push back. Separately, I’m not sure if this is a coincidence, but I believe Maggie’s is across the street from the taxpayer-funded brewpub backed by Koos and “his” Council. Hmm…

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  12. All this talk about sending her majesty Queen Pamela to the unemployment line or making her a waitress is nonsense. She has nothing to worry about. Even if she does lose her job (highly unlikely), she can take early retirement and collect a sweetheart pension, at tax payer expense of course. Peterson retired at 58 and is knocking down $120,000 a year in pension. Her majesty isn’t far behind in age and could easily do the same. In fact, I fully expect she will very soon. That’s what makes her actions so horribly outrageous if not immoral.

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    1. The default on these pensions is finally coming sooner than later. Get your popcorn because the kharma enjoyment will be epic. $21 of every $100 USD fiat has been created from thin air just this year. The tax base has been crushed. When the DOW hits 30k while the food banks are overrun it should be obvious to the mere mortal who is chosen to financially survive what is coming. These folks counting on the big retirement party need to study one word…..austerity. It’s a big club but they aren’t in it.

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  13. We were dining inside at Joe’s when an officer walked around the place. This was at the beginning of the latest mandate. Every table/booth was full. He walked around making notes and checking(?). He spoke with the owner for a few minutes and left. I’m guessing someone called and reported the violation. The few tables they have left are spaced well apart. The booth walls are very high so no need to skip a booth. All staff wears masks and asks that we put them on when speaking with them. You can’t tell me Walmart takes similar precautions! Dunning these restaurants is ridiculous. We continue to dine in when we can. We will stand with them.

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  14. Pam does not have the authority to demand the police to enforce things that are not laws, yet she used her position to do so anyway. I wonder if by her instructing the local police to enforce this non-law recommendation if she just opened the town up to being sued for overreach? It will be interesting to see if she throws Koos under the bus and says he directed her to use the police or if she will take responsibility for her actions. One of these businesses should call Darin Baliey’s attorney and share with him Pam’s actions.

    Ordering popcorn in bulk this winter. I have a feeling watching Koos and Pam go down is going to be fun to watch, and long overdue.

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  15. Oloffson was hired for PR damage control for Pam and Koos’ decisions. It would have been cheaper to forgo hiring a shit spinner and just do the opposite of Pam and Koos. But since they are just taxpayer dollars, of course no one cared.

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  16. @JMGHOST, saw that and I would like to add that I saw another study of that noted that 87% of reported control-la virus deaths were old folks that had “do not resuscitate” orders as well.

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  17. Maggie’s will be missed. In fact, other than friends, it is one of the few things I miss about BN.

    Glad to gave gotten out of Illanoy and moved to a free state.


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