Carrillo proves clueless (again)

By: Diane Benjamin

WGLT did this story about Mboka Mwilambwe’s bid for mayor:

One paragraph hacked off former illegal immigrant Jenn Carrillo:

Although Mboka has never said that I remember, he was likely a LEGAL immigrant. He wasn’t the sneak across the border type or overstay a visa.

Jenn Posted this:

Here’s the deal Jenn:

You have no right to change America because those who broke the law don’t feel safe. Many will never accept behavior inconsistent with laws and the Constitution just to not hurt somebody’s feelings..

President Eisenhower rounded up illegals and deported them. That isn’t happening now unless they commit serious crimes.

President Reagan made the mistake of giving amnesty in exchange for changes in the law and border security to stop illegal immigration. He never got those changes.

Natural born citizens and those willing to work for citizenship have rights too Jenn. Your gaslighting shows you have no respect for their rights or the cost many have paid to preserve them.

We know you have no respect for this country since you think capitalism needs to be abolished. Whatever you say is therefore immaterial and you should be treated as such by everyone, including staff of the City of Bloomington. You were elected under false pretenses, if there was a way to remove you it would have happened by now.

(Some council person needs to create an initiative that makes that possible)


Your choices for mayor are:

  • Straza – Koos buddy
  • Gunderson – Jenn buddy
  • Mboka Mwilambwe

Duh, right now the choice is obvious. Read the WGLT story, you will probably agree with a lot of what Mboka says, included not building the library they want.

20 thoughts on “Carrillo proves clueless (again)

  1. Hmm. I wonder how the citizens of Jenn-the-communist’s ward will feel when they hear she’s attacking the only person of color running for mayor. JENN IS A RACIST. See how that works? She just handed Mboka the public ammo he needs to run her out of town. Thinking ahead – or thinking at all – has never been a strong suit of self-hating communist millenials.

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  2. Jenn needs to be forced by the council to back up her claims of racism by the police, ICE, and the citizens of Bloomington.
    Her rhetoric and innuendo absolutely does not belong in any proclamation made by the city in the name of its citizens!
    My questions are –
    is the council afraid of her and her name calling and slander?
    can she be sanctioned for the things she says in public or in council meetings?

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    1. FROMHERE, short of being convicted of committing a felony while in office, an elected official can’t be removed. Most people recognize her name-calling and slander for what it is, gaslighting by a sociopath. She has no self-control. The best response is no response and give her enough rope to hang herself.

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    2. All member of a free society need to push back against charges of racism without evidence. It is the scarlet letter of modern society, one of the very few accusations you can make towards someone and the burden of evidence, from the cultural POV, will be on the accused instead the accuser. It is shield that modern SJWs hide behind to push their freedom-hating agenda. It needs to be shattered ASAP.

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      1. StopMakingSense
        On blanket statements of racism.
        Sewing discord is the intention. There are many ways to destroy trust in a community. See Karl Marx. Screaming “racist” based on theoretical definitions of identity is the best way. It does not allow defense.
        Everyone should educate themselves on Critical Race Theory. It predated Marxism. Today many Marxists, Socialist/Communist and even Joe Biden call it racial sensitivity training. It is so much more than that. It is a Godless redefinition of humanity and apparently it will be taught again in our government institutions and schools if Joe wins.
        This is not going away, it is coming back stronger.

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  3. Interesting choices for mayor. Gunderson doesn’t have a shot, as residents are sick and tired of the SJW-centric focus of the Council and the equally disturbing inability of the current lame-duck mayor to rein them in and refocus on the issues affecting citizens. As for the two remaining options, Mwilambwe is starting to open up on his positions and, as Diane mentioned, he might be more right than I/we would have thought. Smart move on his part for coming out against both the welcome ordinance and building the library. He’s setting the tone. Straza appears to be running on the good ol’ ‘successful small businessman’ track. That’s fine, but he needs to take some positions. I’m told he’s not pleased with the SJWs on the Council and has been courting business owners whose calls for assistance have been rebuffed and even taunted by Carillo and Crabs. He needs to be more public on his stances. Long way to go til April. We shall see.

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    1. Bible scholar was back, nobody saw your post because nothing is visible until I post it.

      Really rich using a communist pope to support your ideology this time, delete delete, delete


  4. This “council person” just seems to be a CONSTANT source of DUMB A**ED comments!! I must admit she’s consistent, so WHERE does that put her 20 years from now? Delivering tofu for some yuppie joint??
    Do us ALL a favor Jenn-As koos says sit down, shut up and listen! Otherwise, it’s BACK to the kids table for family get togethers.

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    1. They don’t hate the police, its the laws that they hate. Since they have no chance to change the laws, they take it out on the police and others. They have been successful at intimidating the police, the citizens and the city councils, which has been almost as affective as changing the laws.

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