More Connect Transit

By: Diane Benjamin

PDF page 49:

Mark Peterson recommended keeping Executive Session Minutes a secret. The law requires a review twice a year. Bloomington is still hiding them from decades ago.

See PDF pages 53 and 54:

Connect is participating again this year with Stuff-The-Bus in support of Children’s Home and Aid. See the schedule of where to drop off items or make a contribution on those pages.

PDF page 52:

Connect Transit is the process of converting their fleet to all electric buses that are much heavier than the ones they have been using. Obviously the road will be fine!

Next they want to charge those electric buses with solar, good little climate change believers. We are supposed to celebrate bringing home the bacon.

The cost is immaterial since they have grants:

6 thoughts on “More Connect Transit

  1. Advocating for less transparency should be an alarm to all taxpayers and any elected official who actually cares about being fiscal stewards of the taxpayers they serve.

    Connect wants to keep what they are doing secret until it is too late for anyone to do anything about it.

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  2. Solar panels to “offset” energy consumption to Connect Transit facilities? Which facilities? Both transfer stations? Wylie Drive facility? What percentage of energy consumption is being offset?


  3. Connect’s mindset for spending is since they can spend, they must spend. The Connect board and Peterson have no concept of spending other people’s money on only what is needed. Connect’s $16M+ of taxpayer money could be used to do so many needed things, instead, it will continue to be used to drive and purchase more empty buses.

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  4. I recommend putting the solar panels on the roof of all the buses. Then line all the buses up in a big parking lot hooked up to a very large battery. This would save a great sum of money which we can use to fund Uber and taxi passes for the small minority of needy people in our community.

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