Body Cam video at Maggie Miley’s DENIED!

By: Diane Benjamin

See previous story:

I FOIA’d the Body Cam video listed in the Police Incident Report, it didn’t take long to get a response:


Since no arrests were made (because no crime was committed), they won’t release the video.

If the police show up at your business, ask for the warrant. If they don’t have one – escort them out!

I hope more than 15-20% of you bother to vote in April!





5 thoughts on “Body Cam video at Maggie Miley’s DENIED!

  1. Let’s hope that Trump defeats the coup (and I believe that he will) or elections in this country will never matter again. I am of the opinion that local elections are compromised as well.

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  2. Funny how no crime was committed in alot of instances (nationwide) but they still release it if its stirs the pot with certain ethnic groups.


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