Body Cam video at Maggie Miley’s DENIED!

By: Diane Benjamin See previous story: I FOIA’d the Body Cam video listed in the Police Incident Report, it didn’t take long to get a response: Evidently: Since no arrests were made (because no crime was committed), they won’t release the video. If the police show up at your business, ask for the warrant. […]

Update: Mikey Update – serious happenings

From sources  in Ma: Amber was denied custody! Change:  Michael is not being released today, holding him to determine if warrant is valid. Michael is being released today, judge doesn’t think the warrant is legal!     By:  Diane Benjamin Amber Buck may have violated her probation with a FAKE call to the police in […]

Another court date over Mikey

By:  Diane Benjamin Judge Hill is now done with this case.  Since she is retiring, the case will be handed to a new judge. Hill cancelled the last warrant for the arrest of Michael Cadena and reissued it.  The last one didn’t state is was extraditable and it didn’t state there were no geographic limits. […]