Update: Mikey Update – serious happenings

From sources  in Ma:

Amber was denied custody!

Change:  Michael is not being released today, holding him to determine if warrant is valid.

Michael is being released today, judge doesn’t think the warrant is legal!



By:  Diane Benjamin

Amber Buck may have violated her probation with a FAKE call to the police in Massachusetts last Monday.  I received this report of the call:

A source at the Weymouth PD tells me at approximately 6/6:30PM a call was placed to the Weymouth Police Department for a welfare check. The caller identifies herself as Amber Buck from Illinois. In the call she states that she has full legal custody of Michael Cadena Jr.

Ms. Buck’s custody is not legally recognized in MA at this time. Additionally, there is an emergency stay in place until jurisdiction is decided in the appellate court. Ms. Buck is well aware of this. Only Mr. Cadena has full physical and legal custody of Mikey in the state of MA at this time.

Ms Buck then goes on to say in the call that Mikey went to visit his father in Massachusetts from Illinois 3 weeks ago and his father did not return him, implying that he was kidnapped.  Ms. Buck then claims that Mr. Cadena did not comply with her court ordered call that evening and feared for her son’s safety.

The last line is not the truth, I have text messages between Amber and Michael rescheduling the call.

Michael was arrested yesterday on the warrant issued by Judge Hill, custody of Mikey was transferred to his grandmother.  Unless the Buck family pays for extradition, nobody from Illinois is going to retrieve Mr. Cadena.

That didn’t stop Amber and her sister from flying to Massachusetts and attempting to convince a different police department that Mikey should be handed over to her.  Does her probation officer know she left the state?  When was her last drug test, they are mandated under the terms of her probation.

Amber does not have Mikey.  His grandmother gave the police a copy of the court order issuing the emergency stay.  Michael will be fighting extradition to Illinois.  Even if he is brought back here, Mikey will not be with him.

State’s Attorney Don Knapp has been notified of Amber’s potential probation violations.  Giving false statements to the police should be a misdemeanor which violates her probation.  She gave false statements to the Massachusetts court earlier this year when she tried to get Mikey, luckily Michael and his attorney happen to be at the courthouse.  The “wellness check” call was less than the truth, Amber’s attempt to seize Mickey in the middle of last night may be more false statements to police.

Michael’s lawyers did get the case transferred to Federal Court because now he is charged criminally.  The Federal court first accepted the transfer and then ruled against him.  That decision is being appealed too.

Both Michael and Amber have court hearings today.








21 thoughts on “Update: Mikey Update – serious happenings

  1. Ambers’s lawyer is being recognized as one of the up-and-coming 40 under 40. This case is the thing he claims to be most proud of—his best achievement. The 40 under 40 article can be found in the current special section of the Pantagraph, The Limited.

  2. Gee you’re spinning. Federal Court in Illinois remanded that custody case back to the state of Illinois. Michael Cadena’s lawyer is being sanctioned by the Federal judge. Amber BucK DOES have legal custody of her son.

  3. Amber Buck cares so much about Mikey, she was ONCE AGAIN willing to traumatize him by trying to snatch him in the middle of the night while the child slept. Sounds like she cares more about herself and what SHE wants rather than what is best for Mikey. #disgusting

  4. This is absolutely terrifying. I’m happy about the updates. Buck and her attorney are a couple of very sick, power hungry people. If this attorney was appointed by Tari Renner to anything he probably should be in prison with Amber Buck….hope she is sitting in a cell in MA soon. The corruption in McLean County has got to go. The Slantagraph’s reporting of this is proof positive they are part of the problem.

  5. Clearly this needs to be resolved. The father has proven that he has cleaned up and is trying to raise his son along with his mother. This amber – so called human- and her lawyer- and who cares about his success reward for being under 40. Just look at him!!! This case is dragging on way too long. I will help to bail this poor father mike out of jail. Illinois is a corrupt state! This so call judge lee ann hill is NOT GOD contrary to her belief. She will meet a higher power someday. I only wish we could all watch!!

  6. I vote that every party in this mess be ordered into a month of solitude. By that I do not mean solitary confinement. I mean that they should ALL be ordered to be silent about the entire matter.
    Then, the first one to chat in any way about the dispute outside of atty client privilege, loses. For now, the only one losing is the child.

    1. So glad you only get one vote. Abusers like silence, it allows them to continue asserting power over targets/victims. Silence could very well kill this child. Silence allows the courts to continue ignoring his mothers actions and the consequence is he suffers. While I agree Mikey is losing out, silence is not going to help him win.

      Oh, and I can attest to the fact that while Mikey’s loss in this case is greatest, he is not the only one losing – there is a large loving community here that just witnessed further trauma inflicted on a little innocent victim we have tried so hard to protect. What adult, let alone multiple, would EVER think it permissible to trick a small child into a visit to see the police station only to force him in the arms of someone he has identified as his biggest fear at 9:30 at night without an explanation, a period of transition, or a goodbye to the family/friends/home he has known for the last two years?

    2. LAW.1776,

      I very much agree with you in regards to this matter.

      My friends and I had a very good discussion about this case over coffee this past weekend, one of them is a retired judge in Illinois, he had quite a file which he shared with us.

      With the sensitivity in this case, the parties sharing and publishing specific and “alleged” documents, videos, photos, hearsay, etc., the father will not be able to seek a fair hearing and in the best case scenario, he will be freed from his jail sentence. This still means that he will have to pay the courts, his legal fees, the mother’s legal fees, and much, much more. This does not include the slander and libel issues that he and his support team have shared with thousands to millions of people (which I assume will follow after the custody/parental rights case is over).

      It’s a shame that in this day and age, the internet has become an easy way to spread vicious allegations and exploit minor children.

      What has become of this once wonderful nation? It just sickens me.

      Best Regards,
      Michele Olson

  7. I hope and pray this poor innocent child is reunited with his father where he will be safe, secure, protected, loved and allowed to just be a child.

  8. That child will grow up to hate her just as much as I hate my formerly abusive, drug addicted mother. She will never be able to repair the damage she has done to this child. It will last his entire lifetime and he will bolt the second he’s old enough to choose where he can live. When he does, he will never speak to her again and she will deserve every second of it. That judge doesn’t deserve a restful night ever in her life. For her to call herself a liberal and then to give a child to their abuser is disgusting.

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