Atlanta Library – Elevator/Alcohol update

By:  Diane Benjamin

As reported in this story:

The museum elevator does not have a current inspection certificate as required by law.

No, the State is not behind on approving inspections, they were at one time but they aren’t now.

A FOIA request for inspection reports produced this hard to read document:   inspection

It is dated 7/10/18, this part is very legible:







The July inspection showed the elevator failed inspection.  A resident called the State Fire Marshall’s office in Chicago.  He was told another inspection report has not been submitted.

If repairs had been made to the phone line, a new inspection report would have been produced by the FOIA.

Re-inspection was to be competed in early August, it looks like that did not happen.

Who’s job is to make sure the elevator inspection is current?  No surprise here:

Update to this story:

I received a report last night from the City of Atlanta council meeting.  If you haven’t read the State Investigative Report pertaining to alcohol purchases by the library, stop and read it now.  Evidently the mayor (liquor commissioner) with council approval, determined the library board did nothing worth holding them accountable for.  On advice of their attorney there isn’t enough evidence to charge the library with any violations.

Until these people are replaced, nobody will be held accountable for anything. 

Getting petitions signed?


4 thoughts on “Atlanta Library – Elevator/Alcohol update

  1. The Atlanta City Council is as incompetent as the Library Board. Not to mention, in my opinion, they are not any more trustworthy than the library. I believe when I watched the video the mayor was handed copies of receipts where alcohol was purchased and a list of events where alcohol was served all this information was provided by the library themselves. In my opinion, this is more than enough evidence to determine a violatoon has occurred. But then again Randy is the manager of the golf course and part of the city zoo crew so did you really expect him to be held accountable by his swamp of friends? He and bill of all people should have known better. Bill as a previous school principal and Randy who is the keeper of the city’s liquor license for the golf course and someone who is fully aware of the need for dram shop insurance. I guess the Citizens of Atlanta have deep pockets and can easily afford any liability claims and all of the repairs needed for the crumbling library. It appears we have no worries they have Susan Hoblit. Who in my opinion, is oblivious but has deep pockets so I guess they think she will continue to donate to their irresponsible behavior . Folks Diane is right. You need to flip these boards. Contact the county clerk on how to run.

  2. Yes, I did provide a copy of the state investigation where they (Bill, Randy, Rachel, Cathy) admitted to purchasing the alcohol and serving it on public property; it also states that the investigator spoke directly with the Mayor, Fred Finchum & the primarily police officer about these violations to the City Liqour Code. And lastly, it also had a typed list of all the dates that the Library Board via FOIA admitted to serving the alcohol, along with a copy of the FOIA itself…. I guess I should have included the credit card statements and reciepts of the actual purchases….or we could have folks come and testify to being served —- but would the city then turn around and charge those citizens (who unknowingly participated) with a $100/fine per incident (per the City Code)??

    I’m not sure what more they need as the City Attorney couldn’t escape fast enough last night when we tried to ask, “what more???” Or maybe he was afraid we might discover that he or the Mayor destroyed/covered up/didn’t share or provide the evidence so they could say they “didn’t have enough proof.” His only response was, “I can’t talk you, I can’t talk you…” as he ran away quickly into the night.

    1. The City attorney represents the corporate component of the City not the citizens best interests.

  3. Maybe the problem is that the city officials and possibly the attorney were at some of these events? Wouldn’t that then be a conflict of interest in handing down any reprimands? Hmm! The informtsays this has been going on for quite some time. Does anyone know if this is the case? Better yet are their pictures documenting any of these events? It could get very interesting

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