Nikita not apologizing for lies

By:  Diane Benjamin

At least 2 Peoria TV stations  and WYZZ covered the lies told by Nikita Richards in a local church last Sunday.  The local Republicans asked her to apologize for claiming Kathy Michael broke the law by delaying the start of early voting.  If you missed that story, see it here:

Nikita proclaimed she isn’t apologizing for saying Michael delayed early voting, she neglect to add the part about “breaking the law”.

The lies continued with Sarah Lindenbaum, the lady who filed the complaint against Kathy Michael and campaign manager for Shayna Watchinski, when she told WEEK TV only 10% of the information she found had to do with the job.  That massively conflicts with the finding of the ethics commission.

See a pattern by the local Democrats?

State’s Attorney Don Knapp refereed the damaged laptop kerfuffle to the Appellate Court Prosecutor’s office, the same office that still hasn’t made a decision about Tari Renner’s illegal use of a government credit card.

See the WEEK report here:

Nikita posted this on Facebook last night:

The Thursday debate should be fun:


8 thoughts on “Nikita not apologizing for lies

  1. Well, ya gotta hand it to ole Nikita . She has learned Chicago politics pretty good! Lie, Cheat, Deceive, maybe IF she gets into office she’ll have even more time to shop.. What with all these inflated egos that the Dems have, IF they ALL got into office, they’d be yelling at each other by day TWO! Or lying to each other..

  2. Not sure if I can make the debate. If not, and audience questions are allowed, will somebody please ask mine for me?
    Nikita, I saw your facebook page and I commend you for not apologizing for telling the truth. Too many politicians do that these days. What I was wondering though, is if you’re willing to apologize for telling lies?

  3. I think it is only fair to use Democrat standards for Nikita. Nikita should be considered guilty until proven innocent. And using the standards of her endorser Senator Durbin she should demand a law enforcement investigation of herself if she truly has nothing to hide.

    1. (Clearing my throat and preening about like a liberal-‘progressive” democratic socialist at a podium in front of people who believe every word I say)

      ‘Um…Thank you. After reviewing these disturbing videos and testimonies from highly credible by-standers, I must admit that I am highly revolted at what transpired that day in a sacred place of worship…THE HOUSE OF GOD!’

      (wipes my brow)

      ‘To quote the most sage and wisest of Senators from the GREAT state of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal (D), ‘Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus’

      (raises fist in thespian ecstasy and bellowing loudly)

      ‘…a Latin phrase meaning ‘False in one thing, false in everything.’

      (pounds fist on the podium)

      ‘Now, while I may have had some differences with Mz. Richards political philosophies, which I find to be morally bankrupt, repugnant, and devoid of any decency, I must say this is now a bridge too far. I now have serious doubts as to whether Mz. Richards will be getting my vote this November.’

      ‘Thank you’

      (walks away from the podium satisfied I used many words and said nothing)

  4. Dont expect the Rag to say one word about her lies either. I’m waiting for someone to file a grievance about her politicking on Church property! Those Churches who invited her to speak her lies should loose their non profit status as well.

  5. Heard WGLT finally reporting on this this morning. Apparently they had to hold the story until they could find appropriate material to spin it with the Dems getting the last word in – some other election official in IL talking about the ballot delay, but again ignoring the actual lie, Nikita’s accusation that Kathy broke the law..

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