Renner and Koos: What do you stand for?

By:  Diane Benjamin WEEK reported earlier this week DOZENS of Democrats have signed a letter calling on Speaker Mike Madigan to step down: Locally these people signed: Notice who didn’t sign, other than the local Democrat Party Chair Nikita Richards? Tari Renner and Chris Koos Are they pro-corruption or just weenies? That brings me […]

The interview WEEK didn’t air

By:  Diane Benjamin I filmed WEEK interviewing Liz Gruber at the protest in Normal.  At times it is hard to hear because of the traffic and wind, but most is fine.  I filmed it because I know the media can twist words if they chose.  WEEK quoted Liz but didn’t use any of the footage. […]

East Peoria Mayor is leading

By:  Diane Benjamin Media was quick to report East Peoria is moving forward with reopening their City.  WEEK Live streamed Mayor John Kahl’s press conference on May 1st.  The only place I have been able to find it is on the East Peoria’s Facebook page. What I have not heard in any media report is […]

Update: To save face Bloomington calls in the media

I haven’t found the video on-line.  Maybe they realized the party and the parade violated the Stay-At-Home order.  In comments to this story a lady admitted being at the party even though she lives in Normal:   By:  Diane Benjamin If you read to the bottom of this story:  Gleason response to parade I predicted […]

Why isn’t Connect Transit shut down?

By:  Diane Benjamin Events all over Bloomington-Normal are cancelled because of the Wuhan Corona Virus.  The BCPA cancelled shows through August 12th.  Taxpayers are likely cheering that one, months of no money losing shows!  Are the employees going to be laid off until then? WEEK compiled a Bloomington list: Connect Transit still transports people […]

Nikita not apologizing for lies

By:  Diane Benjamin At least 2 Peoria TV stations  and WYZZ covered the lies told by Nikita Richards in a local church last Sunday.  The local Republicans asked her to apologize for claiming Kathy Michael broke the law by delaying the start of early voting.  If you missed that story, see it here: Nikita […]

The Debate!

By:  Diane Benjamin It was WONDERFUL only having 3 of the 5 candidates show up last night, the audience got much more information from the candidates than would have been possible with all 5 there.  The room was packed with people wanting to hear what the candidates had to say. If you didn’t attend or […]

Bloomington Buying Awards

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday WEEK reported: Bloomington awarded certificate in financial reporting By WEEK Producer The media must think some group swoops around the country reading financial statements of local governments until they find exceptional examples of good financial reporting – then a certificate of greatness is awarded. Seriously? Bloomington bought the award! Last […]

Pantagraph LIES Again!

by Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has a HUGE fear of being exposed for their bias reporting.  This is in YOUR hands.  They will never reform unless the citizens DEMAND it or quit paying them.  Maybe their advertisers need to be contacted and asked why they are willing to support the spreading of flat out lies! […]