The interview WEEK didn’t air

By:  Diane Benjamin

I filmed WEEK interviewing Liz Gruber at the protest in Normal.  At times it is hard to hear because of the traffic and wind, but most is fine.  I filmed it because I know the media can twist words if they chose.  WEEK quoted Liz but didn’t use any of the footage.

There are more protesters behind me and around the side of the building.  You can hear “honks” of support from vehicles driving past.

Liz is a legal immigrant from a socialist country.  She is dedicated to not allowing America to go down that path.  #Patriot

15 thoughts on “The interview WEEK didn’t air

  1. WEEK’s “digging deep” news promo gimmick and your story show that WEEK is just like all of the other local media types. They rewrite media releases, favor the political class, education administrators, taxing bodies and are afraid of losing a single ad revenue dollar paid by those taxing bodies (our tax $$). WEEK seems to be a click or two above the other local news media types and in the recent past, I’ve suggested they read your Blog to obtain insight, information and links to the facts, but I’m sure they know much more than the little people that constitute their viewers.

  2. It is curious how the normal mayor can have his business open. It must be because all the ISU students need their bikes fixed, forgot ISU asked all students to go home, maybe so all the bicyclists we see can get repairs, Other the few kids in our neighborhood I am not seeing many bikes on the on the streets/or expensive new paths where streets use to be, on the rare occasion I am out. Must be because he is special……no to me but to city manger who hired her

      1. You are wrong. There are existing bikes. As an uber driver, over the last couple years I have seen at least one bike using the bike lanes.

  3. Liz you are amazing. So glad I had the privilege to meet you last night! You are a true patriot.

  4. People on East Washington use the bike lanes for putting their leaves out! They get MORE use that way…

  5. Thank you Diane for taking the reigns and setting up the first protest in our area seeking to protect our Constitutional rights. Sorry I couldn’t make it because fortunately I have been able to continue to work. However I realize how lucky I am in that regard and am very concerned about those that aren’t able to work right now. I hope to join you at a future protest.

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