Few support Koos except for NIOT’s Matejka

By:  Diane Benjamin

It probably isn’t possible that you missed yesterday’s story, but in case you did:  https://blnnews.com/2020/05/09/chris-koos-taunts-protestors/

If you need more proof that Not In Town Town is a joke to silence free speech, keep reading.

From the NIOT Facebook page – written by Matejka himself:

mat koos comment

Mike’s mission isn’t to stop bullying if the guy doing the bullying runs up massive government debt so his union buddies have work.  

He posted the below on Chris Koos’s mayoral facebook page.  Koos proudly posted this photo after the protest Friday, I added the text.

koos taunts 2

koos matejka comment

I redacted the name of the person who responded to Matejka because it could have been made by numerous people – like all the ones who made yesterday’s story go viral.  I guarantee Koos has lost business, some readers will never enter his shop again.

Obviously Not In Our Town means the far left can speak, the opinions of everyone else are immaterial.  Mike Matejka should never be allowed to give his ” NIOT report” at a Council meeting again.  It’s nothing but political propaganda to silence people who are afraid of attacks by his minions.

Every heard: “Give ’em enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves.

Two down.

The Normal Town Council should censure Koos for his brazen abuse of citizens on his Official Facebook page.  That won’t happen unless you demand it!

17 thoughts on “Few support Koos except for NIOT’s Matejka

  1. Can we have Mike Matejka not in our town? I think he is perfect for California or New York City or up there in Chicago where Mayor Fish Face runs the show like a big carp in a farm pond.

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    1. He used to travel to Chicago often. He has made writing contributions to Chicago’s socialist library (union pieces) and has been involved in DSA and Socialist International gatherings and meetings. He always made sure the local labor hall contributed to the annual Debs-Harrington Dinner which is the annual spring get together for Chicago’s socialist leadership.

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  2. Great posting Diane. You know, after reading that I think I might join NIOT (and encourage others to join) so that opposing views can be heard.

    I am sure (ha, ha) Mr. Matejka would welcome an influx of new members. Remember though, he is used to being the mouthpiece for local media, so he might not take kindly to being challenged on his positions.

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    1. Country Bumpkin. NIOT does not allow opposing views. Any views that oppose them are deemed hate apeech or racist.
      They have recently started screening people on facebook who want to join their page. You have to answer questions about your vision for the community.

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  3. Matekja has his own problems. He isn’t even that respected among union officials and is often made fun of by grassroots union members. If you go one-on-one with him on an issue when he doesn’t have an audience to play to he’ll cower because he knows he doesn’t have facts to back up his claims. Like Koos, he is the spawn of socialists who hate individualism and the ability to make it on your own without using intimidation or have a pack of goons backing you up.

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  4. The “Me Too” movement has been killed due to leftwing hypocrisy. And the NIOT in Blono has also been destroyed by their leadership for their hypocrisy.
    It is a shame political activists sold out the mission of the NIOT movement for their own far left agenda. It could have been a unifying force in the community.
    NIOT facebook only has a couple thousand likes out of a county with 170000 people. They have been repeatedly exposed as agenda driven control freaks that hate the United States, Capitalism. Police and people of Europeon decent.
    NIOT is no longer a force if it ever was one. It to has been killed off from within.

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    1. The NIOT movement was conceived as a front to advance local far left agendas. It was never intended to fight for anyone’s civil liberties. It’s a ploy taken right out of “Rules for Radicals.”

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  5. Where is the time, talent, and financial resources from NIOT for the inclusion to help those who have become unemployed? For the most part, union members still have jobs…Mikey???

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  6. Some of us remember Mike helped give the citizens of Bloomington an albatross, the arena that we will never ever recover from. For many Mike yo have no credibility whatsoever. You have attempted to bully those who disagree with liberal leanings all your life…..

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  7. I just bought shoes on Saturday at RC Outfitters in Peoria on Water Street. Fabulous guy. Welcomed me and I found some very comfortable shoes. I encourage everyone to go and shop at this awesome store. They also have some clothing, socks, sunglasses, insoles and other items.

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    1. Making the Gateway Pundit has really made Fuhrer Koos and Normal infamous! Thanks to MEDIAAGHOST for finding it! The Gateway Pundit is very popular. Everyone will now know what we have going on here and how CRIMINAL it is.

      Outrageous! Normal, Illinois Mayor Chris Koos Mocks Lock-Down Protesters and Laid Off Workers WHILE HE KEEPS HIS BIKE SHOP OPEN


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      1. Now if you look closely at the Gateway Pundit article above you will see they linked it to (and got it) from BLNNews.

        And who says one woman with an internet connection and a passion for the truth can’t change the world?

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  8. Mosers Shoes in Peoria ALSO has GREAT shoes, and they are a 100 year old business, kind of like the OLD West Side Clothing. GREAT people , quality and prices!
    As for Matejka, he’s NOT even a good socialist, union rep. or even person! He KNOWS of business establishments RIGHT HERE in town that CLAIM to be UNION SHOPS, but have NON UNION HELP, but when asked to HELP OUT… he just runs away like the coward he is! RIGHT MIKE!!!
    And as for being a “historian” he’s not that familiar with that either..

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  9. I find that a LOT of people who claim to “know” history, either make it up or take OTHER sources for FACT without researching it, which propagates “bad information” or in the modern term FAKE NEWS.. Recently there was a book written about a coal mine that has photos in it that there is NO POSSIBLE way the photos are of that mine-like when you have shots of an 8 foot vein, in which the mine only had 4 foot ones!
    Mike DOES know where ALL the socialists and labor people fit into play, or where they are buried for the most part, strange, huh??

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