Chris Koos taunts protestors

In response to citizens peaceably protesting yesterday”

Normal Il mayor taunted “nonessential” struggling citizens and business owners while his business is OPEN. The banner proves he has NO compassion for his own community. He knew people were coming to protest, his message to those NOT ALLOWED to work: his middle finger!

Worse – Koos told the police to fine or arrest nonessential citizens who dare to earn a living.

Koos was brazen enough to post this picture on his Facebook page, minus the text of course.  This tyrant is proud of himself!

koos taunts 2

32 thoughts on “Chris Koos taunts protestors

  1. One would THINK that a person in his position of “authority” would show compassion towards FELLOW business owners during this time, rather then doing a “stunt” like this. ONCE again he shows he HAS no couth..

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      1. In Illinois, bicycles are considered essential modes of transportation. Cycling is the State’s official form of recreation.


  2. Typical behavior for a person of his orientation. My only question did the taxpayers of Normal pay for the limited edition special sale sign?

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    1. On Mayor Koos’ Facebook page, it looks like the business owner of FastSigns is taking credit for making the banner for the Mayor.

      Note to self – Don’t use FastSigns in the future.

      I also noticed there were business owners commenting on Mayor Koos’ Facebook post that thought the banner was funny or were congratulating him for the banner – those are businesses that I will not patronize in the future.

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  3. What an embarrassing way for Normal IL to make the national news. I wonder if this recognition will go on Pam’s trophy shelf? Remember he has the majority of the council and Reece in lock step with his every inkling. Cummins is running for state rep. This is what to expect from her if she wins.

    Illinois is a financial shithole because of people like this. I cannot wait to move.

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    1. DAWGLF – Thank you! I am glad you mentioned the Mayor, Chris Koos’ Facebook post. I would have never looked on the mayor’s FB page, but I did and I was shocked to see he posted the BLNNews story (And shocked that he appears to be standing his ground by calling his banner “funny”) but even worse were the comments from members of the community that were supporting and defending the Mayor. Do his supporters all work in public sector jobs? Do they realize where the money comes from to pay their salaries while they shelter at home AND receive their “pay checks” while not working? BLN News just ran a story with a highlight about how sales tax revenue was down about $75,000 so far. This shortage will continue as long as businesses remain closed.

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      1. He posted his own story, I used his picture since it was better than the ones I took. He was arrogant enough to think people would approve of his disdain for anyone who doesn’t walk in lock step with him. BTW, his actions as mayor are the same.

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  4. What a great poster this will make for Marc T. Poster that shows how Koos could care less about citizens of Normal. I wonder if the King Koos ever thought about the fact he just spit in the faces of thousands of voters in Normal. People of Normal need to be reminded over and over as they sit in their homes, prisoners of their mayor, unemployed, while the King Koos mocks them! Marc T needs to send Koos a dozen roses for this great pix!

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  5. I found the comments on Mayor Koos’s Facebook post by NIOT leader Mike Matejka equally insensitive. He congratulated the Mayor on his outrageous behavior and asked the Mayor if he charged the protestors in freedoms when they approached the register.

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  6. This “better than you” view is nothing new for Koos. The uptown boondoggle has been an elitest project at the expense of the everyday non-government workers and non-student residentS. His agenda, fully supported and enforced by Reece has resulted in an us vs. them battle which has escalated over the past few years. In this battle, being on the taxpayer, worker, and/or business owner side puts you as the villain in the eyes of Koos.

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  7. Koos is backpedaling saying he would not use police to enforce businesses stay closed. He lies through his teeth. Read his written order clearly saying police enforcement. The relevant snipit is below. Read the full order at the link at the bottom, it is only 1 page long.

    Enforcement of Stay-at-Home Executive Order
    …the Mayor, upon the recommendation of the City Manager, orders as follows:….

    Police Officers are authorized to issue ordinance violations or institute criminal charges, based on reckless conduct, disorderly conduct, or other offenses as appropriate under the circumstances.”—Stay-at-home-enforcement-?bidId=

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  8. We have a communist piece of human refuse mayor like this in Bloomington. Some, like Diane Benjamin, may remember him more than others, but I am thinking he reminds me of another famous historican leader. Just paint a broomstick moustache on Renners photo and see who you get.
    Maybe the two of them should run for Supreme leader and Little Leader. Only, they would have to fight over which one gets to be Little.


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