Did Koos read what he signed?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Mayor Chris Koos posted this statement to his official Facebook page yesterday:

koos anger

Did he bother to read the Emergency Order # 20-008 he signed on April 4th?



ex 1aex 1bex 1c

ex 1d

Did somebody forge your signature Mayor?

ex 1e

One or more of the below is true:

Maybe he will come out of hiding and apologize.

Don’t hold your breath waiting.  Don’t wait for local media to report either.  I bet WGLT will have Koos as a featured guest very soon.  They are likely trying to figure out how to spin this unforced error. 






13 thoughts on “Did Koos read what he signed?

  1. Businesses need to know who they will be fighting against if they reopen. The federal govt has stated they will not fight businesses who reopen. Thanks to the Democrats figurehead, Pritzger, the state will retaliate against businesses that choose to open through revocation/suspension of state licenses. At the local level, Normal has doubled down, in writing, to clearly authorize law enforcement to apply criminal charges against local business owners who dare to go against Pritzger and the Democrats and reopen early. Bloomington has not issued, in writing, an order authorizing their police force to do anything. Normal lied to the public when they gave Koos the emergency powers to create these local laws unilaterally. This is Koos’ mess, recommended by Reece.

    The fix is simple. Normal needs to issue a binding written public policy statement saying Normal will not authorize any public funds, employees or resources to enforce Pritzgers orders on business, employees and customers who choose to reopen and patron any businesses. Businesses who can responsibly open may voluntarily reopen at their own risk. Employees and Customers have the choice to responsibly and voluntarily work, patron or stay at home, all at their own risk as well.

    Since there are 2 large egos involved, I predict more excuses and spinning of information to save face. This will only delay any local reopening until the state reopens. Again, local residents and businesses will lose.

    Remember the players and their position at the next election.

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    1. I would love to see this brought up in council if I follow what you are saying. Koos and his cronies (especially his cronies) woulld have a problem. To vote against opening hopefully will be remembered come election day, and not in a favorable manner for them. Chances are they will never go this route now as it would expose them politically for what they are. Much like Harry Reid never allowing a Senate vote on Obamacare repeal. Fear the hot button issue results would have consequences for his party.

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  2. Normal council rubber stamps what staff puts before them. It has always been that way. 15 min council meetings…read anything…why should they? We hear deafening accolades about the professional staff. Normal council is a stepping stone to another government gig. It is training to be yes men. Do you think Cummings will actually say no to anything if she beats Dan Brady? Preston will be the next one going for a state yes man position.

    Did Koos read what he signed? I about fell out of my chair laughing when I read that. Thanks for the morning laugh Diane. I usually am irritated after I read your articles.

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  3. He should resign…typical liberal maneuver, do something, then conveniently forget…and the media enables them…with no isu students to protect, the mayor and city manager are beside themselves..

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  4. Come on people! We are ALL intelligent here on this blog. HOW MANY times has KOOS been CAUGHT and BAGGED in his OWN LIES! He can’t speak the truth if it were written on a bible.

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  5. Re the list in your article, all of the above. Pritzger also knows the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes, based on how he dodges questions about enforcement. There’s no legal basis for widespread lockdown at this point. And now that we have effective treatment for the Wuhan virus / CCP virus, widespread lockdown is actually worse for Normal.

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  6. *Deep Sigh*

    This is why it’s so important to be involved in the local election process. We need people who are capable of actually LEADING. Let’s face it, Governor Pritzker put town, cities, and villages throughout this state in a very difficult position. For those who wanted to go off and start to re-open like they felt was necessary for businesses/citizens in their jurisdictions, he created an environment where those decisions would be met with scrutiny. For those communities that had leadership whom possessed the LEADERSHIP COURAGE to do what they felt was best, things moved forward. For those who just do what they are told, even though there is evidence to suggest what they were told wasn’t legal or the right thing to do, they were quick to point the finger and say “It’s not my fault…go speak to the governor!”

    Mr. Koos did not have anything to do with the order that allowed bicycle sale/repair shops from being open. There is no political controversy there. That being said, what kind of leader takes the time (and spends the money) to create a special signs knowing there would be individuals who are protesting his store being open?! Is that what well-thought out, mature, professional leadership who is responsible for leading a town does?

    Mayor Koos…you’re better than that….the people of Normal deserve better than that, and while we can agree to disagree about the approach you’ve taken when it comes to the Town of Normal related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re childish, immature, and time-wasting tactics of “getting even” to those who are leveraging their constitutional right to peacefully protest and express an opinion about your decisions is far from being mayor-like. Do yourself and the citizens of Normal a favor — step down, and let someone who can actually lead come in and help us move forward. You can then go focus on your bike shop and create as many silly signs as you want.

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    1. Quick Correction: No one, that I am aware of, was protesting his store being open. Everyone was protesting that he was not doing more as Mayor to help all businesses open. He was threatening both on video and through his signed order, to make it difficult. He never changed it. Never posted that it was over. He is a bully. All businesses are essential, all jobs are essential.

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  7. Mayor Koos is not better than that. He’s been a complete and arrognant jerk for so long that the likely hood of change is miniscule. That is the nicest way I can state my opinion.

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