April 6, 2021 and Connect Transit

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’ve reported before that Justin Boyd will be running for something on the Bloomington City Council in less than a year.

Boyd is best buds with Tari Renner.  Boyd was Tari’s campaign manager, appointed by Tari to the Downtown Task Force, appointed by Tari to the Planning Commission, helped collect signatures for Tari’s candidates, etc etc etc.

Boyd lived in Jenn Carrillo’s Ward until March of this year.  He must be running for alderman and had to move before April 6th to qualify as a resident of a Ward for one year before the election.  Right now I’m not sure which Ward he moved to.  It might be 3 or 5, both of which are up for election in 2021.  Since both Mboka Mwilambwe and Joni Painter aren’t Renner bobble-heads, Tari is likely running again and wants them replaced.

If Boyd is trying to get people to feel all warm and fuzzy about him, he is really missing the mark.  Connect Transit went from transportation serving the population with no other choice to fleecing all citizens and pretending people can’t wait to jump on a bus.

Don’t forget:  The Downtown Task Force (Boyd) wanted to tear down a parking garage and replace it with a new library/bus transfer station.

Yes, the empty buses are a joke.  Since Boyd is a Tari buddy, he thinks the empty buses make a great place to advertise his insurance business:

boyd connect transit

Remember this when Boyd makes his announcement!

Connect Transit will never become fiscally responsible and serve the intended citizens until Renner, Koos, and their minions are gone.  If you like the ever increasing drain on local finances – Boyd is your guy.

Connect Transit wants your input on where the downtown transfer station should be:  https://www.connect-transit.com/about/transsurvey/default.asp

Let them know how you feel!


10 thoughts on “April 6, 2021 and Connect Transit

  1. More on Boyd: Graduate of Tri-Valley H S., Attended Heartland College (one year, did not graduate), Tractor Supply Company ( 2 years), Tru Green Lawn Care (13 years, various sales positions), Country Financial ( 6 plus years).

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  2. At least he was smart enough to advertise on the outside of the bus. No one, well maybe 2 people, would have seen any advertising on the INSIDE of the bus.

    Connect is a huge money pit. Better service would cost less with different leadership on the CT Board. Their model of throwing money at a problem without using brainpower has proven to only incite the public and remove service.

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  3. I filled out their survey. I don’t think they will like my answers.

    Being right, smart or knowledgeable is not something that matters with the political or business leadership in this town. Boyd is a joke. He does seem to have very advanced a$$ kissing skills?

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  4. Boyd is an establishment hack, Tari’s coat holder, and part of the Downtown cabal. He’s a Chamber gadfly and is one of those people in Bloomington that thinks it’s a “destination” City, and that there’s nothing wrong with the fundamentals of the local economy. By the way, if Country is like State Farm, as an agent, he doesn’t get the bill for local ads like that one on the bus. Instead, the invoice is sent to the company HQ. No worries for Justin, someone else can pick up the tab. Kinda like us taxpayers if he’s elected.

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  5. The Connect Transit survey is a joke. It doesn’t allow for descent. A classic Hile survey. The questions are leading. The survey seems to indicate this is a done deal and the important people are letting you have some input on when, where and what it will be.. Demand a copy of the raw data when the survey is over and make sure your answers appear.

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  6. Connect Transit’s marketing strategy is to sell the unsellable to people that don’t want to buy what’s being sold. The financial strategy is to spend more money to lose more money, backstopped by taxpayer dollars to cover losses with no incentive to manage funds prudently. The customer service strategy is to ignore their patrons and instead serve politicians and special interests.

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  7. Talk about a waste of monies. CT wants citizens opinions in a survey? News flash citizens of BLONO. Tari has already made the decision. He’s going to have that station whether citizens want it or not. His man love Koos has one,so he shall have one as well.

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