Were District 8 voters deceived?

By:  Diane Benjamin

When Shayna Watchinski ran for the McLean County Board she told people she worked in “healthcare”.  See this WGLT story:  https://www.wglt.org/post/facing-primary-challenge-left-segobiano-touts-bipartisan-record#stream/0


healthcare professional


According to the Illinois License Look up website, Shayna Watchinski has never held a professional license of any kind:  https://ilesonline.idfpr.illinois.gov/DFPR/Lookup/LicenseLookup.aspx

That didn’t stop Watchinski from posing for campaign photos in scrubs:


company you keep

Was Shayna really just a receptionist?  File Clerk?  

Why this story?

Because Shayna left the medical field and now has a new job:

boyd watchinski


She works for Country Financial sales guy Justin Boyd.  Both are AOC type Democrats.

As I wrote yesterday, Boyd will be announcing his run for the Bloomington City Council.  He can pay Watchinski to not only campaign for himself all day, but to also campaign for the November elections.  The far left democrats have a good shot of flipping the County Board, especially if they can harvest votes with mail in ballots.  They have been successful using that tactic.  The goal is to win using any means necessary, the want POWER.

Winning elections with integrity and truth no longer applies in McLean County.  Democrats will lie and cheat to steal elections.  Voters dodged a HUGE bullet not electing the pictured Watchinski cohort Richards as County Clerk.

Does the Republican Party know they are likely to be wiped out in November?  Shayna has all day to call people automatically signed up to vote with Motor Voter and harvest their votes.  Motor Voter wasn’t passed by Democrats to help anyone but themselves.

Does Country Companies know?  Approve?


12 thoughts on “Were District 8 voters deceived?

  1. I ALWAYS thought “Motley Crue” was a rock band??
    GOD help us if these folks advance their agenda!

  2. People who work in the agent offices are known as “the great unwashed” by the home office. They are paid by the agent and are not corporate employees, so there is no oversight. It’s kind of a tricky relationship, but the corporate office doesn’t really control the folks who work for the agents.

  3. I learned a long time ago that most people will lie, backstab, and sell their own mothers for a dime to get ahead. None of this is or would be a surprise to me. Most people are lazy and have no problem cutting corners to obtain what they want. I watched it for a lifetime. It only gets worse because the next generation is pretty much devoid of any moral compass. Many come from broken homes, are spawn of irresponsible parents and have been told during their short lifetimes that it’s okay to win at any cost.

  4. Devils Advocate type statement. If you think Just the Dems are the only cheaters in this Country, I encourage you to look into North Carolina 2018 State Election in parts of Charlotte, N C area. A Republican for State office in a very close race, had a Repub. cohort somehow get a list of who got Mail in Ballots. From that list, he knew what areas that Minority’s and less affluent voters lived in. He sent out his people, now pay attention to this part, to hands on pick-up those ballots. Most had to wait while the persons signed their ballots and the person that pick-up the ballots, filled out the votes. Got that picture. Ad the votes got counted and annualized it became obvious that the Mail-in’s were way out of normal returns, After a TV Newsman stumbled onto the why’s and way’s it was done The State did demand a new Special Election. While the Republican that ran the first time did not run, another Republican did run and in a very well watched result did win. One side note here. North Carolina is old fashioned in that it has a Democrat Governor, but a Republican Lt Governor and a Republican State Legislature. And it does get interesting to watch sometimes.

  5. Dawson lake, I have a suggestion move to North Carolina and express your opinions there. This is Illinois and if you believe Illinois is in the shape it’s in because of what goes on in North Carolina Find a different scapegoat!

    1. So it is of NO IMPORTANCE to the subject to point out that the same Party of our current President is also just as unethical as the other Party’s? It seems to be human nature to ride a horse when your blindfolded. And one more thing, I am a Republican.

  6. With all the imported blood in the last few years Country Financial promotes liberal progressive activities corporate-wide now. It’s no longer our fathers’ company.

  7. I believe Shayna used to work at BroMenn. In what capacity, I don’t know. She did not leave under her own volition, however.
    Justin is a snake and might be running for mayor.

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