WJBC former host Scott Laughlin

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Twitter can be a great place to express your true feelings thinking nobody will notice, especially when you respond to a Donald Trump tweet.  A reader of mine did notice.

WJBC has always been at least suspected of leaning left, maybe it was really FAR left:

Former morning host Scott Laughlin must have thought nobody would notice.  Does Scott know Hillary had a 98% chance of winning the last election until she didn’t?

Scott, you don’t speak for most Americans.  I hope you aren’t in tears when Trump is reelected in November.  The walls are about to cave in on the left, I hope Scott can remove his head from where it is and get informed.  (I doubt he will).  I hope the rest of you do better.

From Twitter:

scott Laughlin

I hope your health isn’t affecting your judgement.  I thought you were smarter than this. Of course you don’t have to hide your true feelings on the radio anymore.  Scott has other far left tweets if you are interested, check it out.





7 thoughts on “WJBC former host Scott Laughlin

  1. Check out Scott’s Twitter feed here if you want to know what his true opinions are: @Laughlin1230

    I am not sure but I think he will be very unhappy with the treason case that is building against his President (Obama).

    See for yourself…. @Laughlin1230

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  2. The most important thing for most in the media is to be constantly recognized. It’s not really the work that is most important but how the business can make you the center of attention. Ego takes presidence over everything. Most can never really totally walk away from it even in “retirement” because the desire to remain “famous” at even the lowest of levels is part and parcel of their being.

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  3. Scott Laughlin has no pulse on the people of B-N, except lunatic left idiots that he hangs out with. Chew on that Scott, laugh in at you.

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  4. Is this article written to point out that Scott used to work at a local radio station and possibly had bias in his approach as a member of the “press”? Or…is it to point out that he doesn’t like Trump? Or…he is sharing his opinion on a site in which he controls, similar to this one? Not trying to be critical…just want to understand what the message is here?


  5. Because of people like scott so many of us only listen to WJBC for sports or nasty weather alerts …wjbc stopped being relevant years ago…

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  6. WJBC? Wonder how that submarine that ole Don Munson had going down Sugar Creek is doing? Last I heard it was doing OK!
    And did they EVER catch that “SUPERCLAW” bird down in Lawndale that picked that kid up and tried to carry him off??

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