Bloomington continues to ignore law

By:  Diane Benjamin

Pritzker has no power to shut down businesses.  Neither does Renner or Koos.  Local governments are graveling at Pritzker’s feet instead protecting your rights.  They are probably afraid of losing State grants.  Not living within your means makes them captive to the overlord Pritzker,

Has anybody read the Illinois Constitution?  Where does it say your rights disappear if government says “it’s for your safety?”.  Hint:  It doesn’t.

il constitu

Instead of refusing to take orders from one guy acting illegally – Renner and Koos are devising their own area re-open plan.  Pritzker only has power because Renner, Koos, and all citizens of Illinois allow him to disregard the law.

People with the guts to stand up to tyranny are lacking in McLean County. 

The government has no right to close down businesses, force you to wear a mask, or shut down churches.  We played the game to “bend the curve”.  McLean County has a population of over 170,000 people.  As of today only 121 COVID cases have been confirmed.  Three people have died and only 4 are in the hospital.

Your rights are being violated for this?  Renner and Koos have no legal authority to shut down anything or pull licenses.  Renner made himself the Liquor Commissioner – if he pulls liquor licensees sue him personally!

The statement issued yesterday by the State’s Attorney and the Sheriff barely supported your rights.  It should have only stated “we aren’t going to arrest or prosecute anybody because the orders are illegal”.

Renner talks about the “data driven” area plan at 58:30.  He is oblivious to illegality.  Unfortunately Bloomington is getting around $350,000 extra in Community Block Grant funds.  They will decide in June how to spend it, add that to the massive federal debt.  Otherwise the meeting was pretty boring.

If you own a business see this link or contact me to get in touch with a local attorney:

Any comments about wanting people to die will be deleted.  If you want to stay locked in your house that’s your right.  Don’t infringe on everyone else’s.



2 thoughts on “Bloomington continues to ignore law

  1. Prickster is threatening to withhold state funds to counties that dont kowtow to him. One: Illinois is BROKE! NO MONEY. Two: Prickster was one of the first to pipe up when Trump threatened to withhold monies to states that were sanctuary states, like ILLINOIS!

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