Another private parade

By:  Diane Benjamin

City of Bloomington employees held another birthday party parade today.  This time is was for a 12 year old girl – golden birthday.

She is also the daughter of a City employee!

The vehicles were staged on private property, they didn’t ask permission before using it.  Isn’t that called TRESPASSING?

Maybe the City thinks churches are immaterial since they are considered non-essential and not allowed to hold services.

Gleason?  Renner?  Anybody at the City care to explain this one?  Did the heavy trucks damage the blacktop?  Taxpayers will get the bill if they did.

Looks like social distancing is not required anymore.  Spread the word!


8 thoughts on “Another private parade

  1. WTF??? I lost my job. Can’t get a job because all the businesses are closed because we are not essential. The only reason I have not been evicted or had my water shut of is because the gvt stoped all of that from happening. I want to f’n get back to work. The taxes are outrageous already. Now all these golden job city employees are wasting more money, while getting paid handsomely, no doubt. The town should lay-off people if their is no work. They were bloated before. Now they are just flaunting the lack of compassion for us schumcks who get to pay their wages. If they work, I have no problem paying. When they f-off like this why the hell should I pay them?

    Bloomington Mayor and Council, what say you. Why should I pay for your people to screw off while I go broke.

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    1. Considering we are currently self-immolating our economy to flatten the curve (or whatever), the reduction of city services and employees is going to be inevitable in the near future.

      Each continued day of this silly lock-down expands the blast radius and the damage from the economic bomb that has been dropped on our area.

      Our political leadership seems unconcerned about economic damage that is being done to our area? In fact, they seem to not want it to end at all?

      If this crap doesn’t get you out to the polls to vote… nothing will. Elections matter! Elections have consequences!

      Elections can put clueless socialist elites in charge of destroying your cities with their partisan ignorance and corruption.

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  2. Dumb if ya ask me. The last thing I want is a bunch of cop cars at my house. Shoot. A better parade, if you’re gonna have a parade is to bring in the clowns, Renner, Koos, Reese with the caked on lip-stick, Gleason, Vasu, Boyd, Craybill, Carillo, Mathey with a big red nose, Scott Black with a big brown nose, oh my, the list could go on.

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