Pritzker’s 30 days expired long ago

By:  Diane Benjamin

Regardless of what the local mayor’s claim, Governor Pritzker’s Executive orders expired 30 days after he wrote them.  That was well over a month ago.  Since the media allows JB to continue acting like anything he says is valid, that speaks volumes about their ability to be called a “free press”.  Our lame elected representatives are also culpable, they are nothing more than doormats for a tyrant.

See this article from Kirk Allen of the Edgar County Watchdogs:

Kirk was given a 2001 opinion from the Illinois Attorney General’s office verifying emergency orders only last 30 days and they can not be renewed.

See that document here, Kirk highlighted the important sections:

There is overwhelming evidence that Pritzker has no authority to keep Illinois shut down.  Our elected leaders either don’t know or don’t want to know the dictator has been term limited.  Somebody should ask Tari Renner and Chris Koos why they keep pretending JB does, the media won’t.  Any executive orders by Renner and Koos expired along with Pritzker’s.

If you missed the local lawyers round-table yesterday on Cities 92.9, listen to it here:

These lawyers know only the Health Department can shut down a business.  They want to assist local businesses re-open legally.  It’s past time to demand government quits violating the law and your rights.

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8 thoughts on “Pritzker’s 30 days expired long ago

  1. Pritzker yesterday indicated he would consider withholding federal “pass thru” funds to counties who violate his “plan” and open early. Great, he now is threatening to enforce an order that has expired thru extortion. Did not someone try to say they would enforce an existing law by this means and get swatted down by the courts? (Can we say sanctuary cities). I also wonder since the legislature has finally indicated they would show up in Springfield and do their job on May 20th if that might be a good time for Open Illinois to show it’s presence? Do you think JB will make it to Springfield?

  2. Even though Pritzker’s orders may not be valid from a legal perspective. From a practical perspective, they are valid. When a local municipality, i.e. Normal IL, authorizes and threatens criminal charges, then his order is valid enough to intimidate 99.9% into lockdown compliance. His order has been given the enforcement mechanism of local law enforcement, ergo the municipality is saying open and you risk the full weight of local and state government upon you. Koos says he would never arrest someone for opening their business. Well that is true, he wouldn’t, he instructed the police to do the arresting. Isn’t being arrested the only way to have criminal charges put against you? Most people and businesses don’t want to pay for a legal battle against both the Town of Normal, then the State. Both state and local governments have unlimited pockets when it comes to legal costs. The cost to overcome these behemoths is too overwhelming for a small business to undertake.

    1. You miss the fact that orders by Koo’s has expired and are no more legal than Pritzker’s. If a municipality wants to put up constitutionally legal orders in this area that is a different story. At that point if the majority of society disagree we then work to get those who make the laws change them (either thru elections or discussion that changes minds). If at that point the majority is ignored then we work to write something that begins like this, “When in the course of human,,,,,”

  3. For those who missed Pritzker’s scrum today. Rarely did he directly answer a question of enforcement of his illegal continuation of his EO directly. He instead resorted to possible actions he could take. (Which in a court case would be found illegal). I am saying at this time he is resorting to thuggery. He knows he is beat so he is trying to scare people off from action as he knows he can’t win if tested in court. He then tries the guilt trip routine by saying you are an uncaring individual for others if you don’t do exactly what he says. Is that playing God? Only he knows the way and the truth in his mind.

      1. I was really bored. To beat your for you must know your foe. One can’t trust the local media to honestly report anything so I wanted to hear it directly from the Florida horse’s mouth. His response when asked about coming downstate to get a first hand look at our situation reached a new low. He reminds me of Al Capone in his approach. Where is Elliott Ness when you need him?

  4. We impeached a governor once for breaking laws, time to get rid of another for same reason.

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