Update: To save face Bloomington calls in the media

I haven’t found the video on-line.  Maybe they realized the party and the parade violated the Stay-At-Home order.  In comments to this story a lady admitted being at the party even though she lives in Normal:  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/31/i-expect-apologies-the-kid-isnt-even-sick/


By:  Diane Benjamin

If you read to the bottom of this story:  Gleason response to parade

I predicted a glowing article in the paper.  Instead of the paper, WEEK was called in to mend the City’s image.  It turns out lots of people don’t appreciate their tax dollars used for a private birthday parade.

I didn’t see the story, I heard from a friend it aired at 5:30.  Of course the City was shown gloriously.  It might be repeated at 10:00.  If it ever gets posted on-line I will link to it.

Still wonder what #FakeNews is?  Propaganda!

4 thoughts on “Update: To save face Bloomington calls in the media

  1. If it aired at 5:30 that would have been WHOI or 25-2. Since WEEK and WHOI are joined at the hip it probably aired on 25 as well. But….since WHOI makes a big deal of live local social….that is, really pushing the social media it may air only on them. At any rate both stations for the main part are garbage for true journalism most of the time, it fits they would be Gleason’s fluffer.

  2. Hey Tim, my birthday is coming up here. I want candy tossed with my parade! Better yet, money!

  3. This is why they pay Gleason so well. When damage control is needed, he knows exactly what to do and who to call to get it done.

    Bring in the lapdog media…. we have a problem that needs to be papered over with some lies, fluff and feel good BS.

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