Today’s Silly and More

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington City Manger Tim Gleason didn’t answer my email from yesterday:

Gleason no answer

The “Sorry, no hello” is an insider joke.  Tim Gleason has always been straight forward with me, this time I don’t see it.

What the whole “parade” shenanigans amounts to is City employees do not understand your tax dollars aren’t their toys.  They have no problem stealing more and more of your money by raising fees and taxes, some without even taking a vote.  They pass automatic fee increases and hope you don’t notice.

Using even $1 on nonsense like making a kid happy on his birthday just because the mom is best buddies with a City employee is a slap in the face to you.

Did anybody else find it weird the mom felt no remorse and insisted I change the story to “he isn’t sick”?  Are most people brain-dead to reality?  Her kid didn’t deserve his own parade any more than every other 4 year in town does.  Of course, the rest won’t be offered it either.

How many City employees have been laid off Mr. Gleason?

The BCPA is shut down until August.  Although cute, is this their job now:

bcpa statues

What is the City doing to combat falling revenues?  Planning to spend the stockpile created by overtaxing?

Still have $738,000 in the budget for a STUDY of O’Neil Park?  What you are going to do when the cash reserves get to dangerous levels?

A lot of closed businesses aren’t going to re-open.  I hear the Chateau closed for good.  Bloomington owns the conference center with nobody to operate it.   Maybe Tim is sending the BCPA staff over.

Here’s the bottom line:

We know the virus has attacked most of us economically.  Government locks their doors to citizens, some work from home, the spending as usual continues.

Let’s see if Tim Gleason can prove government understands business as usual died at least a month ago.

This is what Jenn Carrillo wants.  Socialists have no clue what destroys an economy.  Take the profit motive out and it disappears.  She must want affordable housing to completely disappear.  Does Jenn think she can cancel rent?  #Clueless

I do know landlords that have given tenants the month free.  Some aren’t heartless and will help if they can.  Any stories you’ve heard?

jenn housing


4 thoughts on “Today’s Silly and More

  1. So Jenn if a person renting apartments gets no income by following your beliefs what do they feed their family?
    I guess I need too make a poster saying No rent income = no food on the table for me. Perhaps you and your buddies should have saved some of that money you spent helping felons and smoking weed to be used instead for a rainy day. Oops I am asking for you to be responsible for your actions. My bad! Seriously all these people wanting to be absolved of responsibility for paying debts due to their loss of revenue seem to not understand they are expecting others to then not be paid resulting in their loss of revenue.


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