UPDATE: Gleason Response to Parade

You need to see this one:  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/31/i-expect-apologies-the-kid-isnt-even-sick/

By:  Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to yesterday’s story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/30/illegal-parade-yesterday/

I asked Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason about Sunday’s parade of City vehicles.  The original rumor was the parade was for a grandchild of the City employee who organized it.  Tim responded yesterday afternoon, I continue to redact the employee’s name:

tim response

Somebody made a random request for a City vehicle parade? 

Or, is this really a matter of who you know?

If this was such a wonderful event, why wasn’t the press there taking pictures and interviewing the family?  The City didn’t want to publicize making a 4 year old happy?

How many other people get special treatment not available to the riff raff?  Who decides when and where “special” is allowed?  I’m not buying this was a random request.  I’m sure other “random” requests won’t have the same result.

Using government assets to benefit a few stinks of favoritism, vote buying, even corruption.  Will the City do the same for all sick kids?  Obviously no.

Yes, the City made a 4 year old boy happy.  The real cost can’t be measured in dollars, it’s measured in credibility.  A message was sent to citizens: We pick favorites – you pay.

Ordered to isolate because of COVID-19 only applies to non-government people.  

I wonder if a glowing article will suddenly appears in the paper?


8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Gleason Response to Parade

  1. Was this a nice thing to do for a child? YES
    Was this for the benefit of the general public? NO
    Could this be abused for political purposes? YES

    Tim Gleason is right; we need feel good stories right now.
    Diane is right; this cost taxpayers, is against the rules, it could be abused for political purposes.

    I‘d expect this will be silently addressed. All have been put on notice. If it happens again I’d expect a public announcement so the rest of the community can choose to enjoy a parade of what they paid for.

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  2. “The stars might not align next time.”
    Translation: us commoners will not get a parade in front of our house for our four year old child.
    That’s only for the apparently elite employed by Bloomington who are paid with OUR TAX DOLLARS THAT WE WORKED FOR!


  3. There was also one yesterday (Mon 3/30) on the east end of town off Oakland, assuming in the Old Farm Lakes area that was at least 1-2 Fire/EMS and a parade of other cars. Assumed it was for a birthday as well.

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