UPDATE: Illegal Parade Yesterday

See this UPDATE:  https://blnnews.com/2020/03/31/i-expect-apologies-the-kid-isnt-even-sick/

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

Yesterday there was a mini parade of City vehicles, including an emergency fire department vehicle.

The parade was organized by a Public Works employee, I know who.  I am waiting for a response from City Manager Tim Gleason before using her name.

Supposedly the parade was for the birthday of a sick child.  Supposedly the City employees who drove the vehicles weren’t paid.

Before you think “Isn’t that sweet”, the parade was illegal.  Is the City going to do a parade for every sick kid?  Why did this one kid get a parade when your kid likely never will?

Article VIII of the Illinois Constitution:    http://www.ilga.gov/commission/lrb/con8.htm

article 8

The parade wasn’t a public purpose, it was using “connections” to get benefits not available to everyone.  Property paid for by taxpayers can not be used for personal reasons.  This is the epitome of what people hate about their government, laws don’t matter for them.

Everyone involved at a minimum should be fired.  The organizer is a supervisor, did she coerce employees into participating?  Were any emergency calls not responded to because the vehicle was in a parade?  Governor Pritzker told everybody to stay at home but a private parade okay?

These pics and movie were posted on Facebook, they aren’t from an area resident.

16 thoughts on “UPDATE: Illegal Parade Yesterday

  1. Gee maybe you should volunteer you time delivering meals to the elderly or feeding the homeless during this crisis. You certainly have way too much time on your hands. The video shows absolutely nothing. Fire departments and police departments give their time all the time to cheer sick children. Only you find it sinister.


      1. I don’t know of any fire department or police department that doesn’t do community outreach. This includes police and fire departments that aren’t in Illinois.

        As for Pritzker, governors all over the country had to step up to protect their citizens. Indiana governor has issued shelter in place orders.

        As to the pandemic, we’ll take your statistic of 20 percent who will need treatment. 328,877,386 is the current population of the US. 20 percent of that is 65775477.2. With a 3 percent death rate (per CDC) that’s 197, 3264.316 deaths which is on the low end of morality.

        So you think that since hospital parking lots are empty and quiet? Really? As for Bromenn, St. Joseph, they do NOT want people to come to the hospital unless it’s a emergency. But rather go to three Urgent Care clinics to get diagnosed and treated. https://www.osfhealthcare.org/st-joseph/


  2. Right on Diane! By the way, everybody knows this virus is blown way out of proportion. Look at the Twitter hashtag #FilmYourHospital . The hospital parking lots are empty and quiet. As a reader, I implore you Diane to do the same and film outside Bromenn, St. Joseph, and any other local hospital and expose this well exaggerated panic that was built to take down the President.


    1. The hospitals are not empty. Census is low a lot of places because elective procedures and the like are canceled during this time to make room for COVID patients when the time comes. They aren’t predicting it to really hit hard in our area until Mid-April, so be glad for now we aren’t like New York and requiring mobile morgues…


  3. Would like to hear Pritzker’s response to this violation of shelter in place. Oh wait that won’t happen he holds press conferences but no questions are asked unlike the president. Tracy, you are the poster child for why this state is screwed up. I would like you to address why this is acceptable but someone who has a friend for life die can’t go to the funeral due to him coming from a large family. More than 10 people rule.

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  4. the hospital lots are probably fairly empty…who would go there for a test, blood draw, you are not allowed to visit….what are you thinking…..only workers and patients…..


    1. Oh not much Karen. Unless you consider it totally goes against what the media, certain politicians and especially Pritzker has been telling us. Sunday he would have led you to believe that they were turning people away from testing site outdoors here. Went by there and even the slantagraphj’s story indicated that was not the case. But outside the assassination of the truth, not thinking much at all.


  5. Just remember the parades when its time to buy new vehicles with taxpayer dollars. Just remember the parades when next months fuel bills come due. Taxpayers paid for this parade. I get the premise around the parade. I am sure the child appreciated the idea. But when MY child was ill with a 103 degree temp I did not see ONE city vehicle going past my house.


  6. I am so very thankful and proud to live in a community that supports the families and children of it. On Sunday Clinton Fire Department drove up and dropped off a goody bag with a fire hat, candy and other treats for our 10 year old to celebrate his birthday. Followed with 2 fully lit up, sirens blaring, amazing fire trucks. They had other stops as well to do that day. Commissioner Ballenger is amazing making this available to parents of children who are stuck not being able to celebrate their birthdays with their friends and loved ones. Pretty sure we have the same sections and provisions you listed above. Just not all the haters.


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