Another Bloomington Technology Fail

A link appeared in a comment:


By:  Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t watch the Bloomington City Council meeting held on March 23, 2020 LIVE, it appears you will never see it.  The meeting video has not been upload.

Click the Archived City Council Video link to verify:

The published minutes of meetings are sketchy at best, the excuse is “go watch the video”.

Since no video exists detailed minutes must be presented at the next meeting.

Did someone forget to hit RECORD?

Citizens deserve better.

Screen shot of the City YouTube channel:

hope it appears

6 thoughts on “Another Bloomington Technology Fail

  1. Just wow! It’s 2020 no excuse for basic technology failure the IT team needs to hold ownership of failure if they cannot support basic technology that’s a huge risk. Videos should be automated and uploaded without human interaction. They could hire me as a consultant and I can solve these issues in a two week engagement lol


  2. Talented tech folks go into the private sector where creativity and ambition are welcomed with open arms and often revered. Those that want a guaranteed check, predictability, and with little to no ambition work in government or a certain large employer in the Twin Cities.

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  3. The meeting is on city web site. Go to City- Events- Calendar. Go down to Upload line ( second one down )
    Listed as City Council Special Session Meeting. 3/23 changed to 3/26- It has a new Township meeting, I guess they decided to do it over and then goes into City Council Meeting about 20 minutes later.

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