More on Koos-Matter-Shields

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t some readers

Must read story from yesterday:

This story won’t make any sense without reading the first story.

There is more to know.  Start with the Matter Family Foundation:

Stephen S. and Anne E. K. Matter Foundation

Family foundation

Since this is a non-profit, tax returns are on line.  See 2018:  Matter Foundation

The Foundation doesn’t appear to have anything to do with construction.  Why did they agree to build a house?  The documentation seems to say all the profits would go to the Town of Normal, not the Foundation.  Why would they do that?  See page 2:  Normal – Matter – Shields December 17, 2007

Did this contribution to Chris Koos’s campaign in 2005 have anything to do with the redevelopment agreement:

koos champaign matter

The agreement with the Matter Foundation was signed in 2006.  Most people don’t contribute that much without wanting something in return.

Back to Dave Shields.  Twice he spoke at Public Comment trying to sell his house on land he got way below market value.  Chris Koos didn’t stop him from talking about an item not on the agenda.  In the first instance everybody laughed.  9/3/19 at 23:27

The second time was 9/16/2019.  He started his public comment stating his home was going to be on the cover of the Home Market the following weekend.  See 9:48.  Shields twice spoke off agenda in an attempt to profit himself.  You might want to listen to his entire diatribe, according to Shields the Town is conservative and in marvelous shape, contrary to who got the most votes (Nord) in the election Shields lost.

Maybe Dave can update us.  First on how much money he pocketed while taxpayers lost over $200,000.  Next, inquiring minds want to know how Normal is faring with ISU closed, most of Uptown closed, hotels mostly vacant, and restaurants take-out only.  I’m sure Dave would know.




One thought on “More on Koos-Matter-Shields

  1. 81% of voters in the town of Normal show their approval of Dave Shields by staying at home and not voting for him. Brilliant!

    Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

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