WEEK TV – How long Are You Staying With NBC?

MSNBC Caught Lying in Romney smear

It’s not the first time they have doctored videos for their agenda.  How long are the affiliates going to keep supporting NBC?  How long is the public going to support NBC affiliates?  Anybody still watching NBC NEWS?  Does WEEK do the same thing to video?  How would we know, take their word for it?  WEEK:  Are you outraged at the lack of accountability in media?  I guarantee we are!

Read one of the numerous stories rampant on the internet about the NBC lies:


Call WEEK and ask them how they feel about the deceit:  309-698-2525

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3 thoughts on “WEEK TV – How long Are You Staying With NBC?

  1. How long will the sheeple continue to support the GOP/Demo machine, Romney or Obama? Both are/will be disaster! Unite and find a different candidate.

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