What’s Bloomington paying for Monday?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I hear public comment will be worth watching at this meeting.  Bring your own camera if you attend.  Film the Council instead of the speaker.


Note this is ONLY for the hotel:


What is BEDC?  BASIC Economic Development courses.  Was there a course on government getting out of the way to create conditions for businesses to flourish?

See this link:  https://www.iedconline.org/web-pages/professional-development/basic-economic-development-courses-bedc/

The way Wire Transfers are listed changed with the new Finance Director.  No details are provided anymore.  These transfers are listed to US Bank, what are they?  If the City wants fewer FOIA requests, provide details!  PDF pg 109 +

5/24-$956,080, 5/24-$876,490, 5/24-$80,775, 5/24-$766,050, 5/24-$152,656, 5/24-$59,200

If these are bond payments, how much is interest?

See PDF page 98.  $28,500 was paid to various “artists”.  $15,000 went to ArcAttack for a free concert on the lawn at the BCPA on June 7th.  Another artist was paid $12,700 with the same date.  Free is never free.

Did the City finally quit sending your money to Springfield for legal?  It has been closer to $60,000 a month.

Sprfld legal

Celebrate!  No Sick Leave Buy Back payments.


6 thoughts on “What’s Bloomington paying for Monday?

  1. Yes, we need to have cameras on the Council for the entire meetings. The circus used to have three rings going at the same time. This circus needs to have three cameras going. Microphones should be on at all times. This is a formal council meeting. If you have something to say, you should say it to everyone.
    The mayor does not know how to conduct a one man band much less a council meeting.
    The council themselves should be prepared for the meetings. If you have to shuffle through papers, then you might not be ready for a meeting.
    We need to see body language, facial expressions. If you fix your hair, do your nails, fall asleep, pick your nose, I want to see it.

    1. no mikes will be on in the bloomington council chambers because they are liberals and liberals do NOT want you to hear the snide remarks that are made about citizens. Just wait you will probably see Jenn a little closer to Tari each meeting. by the time the end of July rolls around she will be sitting in his lap! Jenn is smart. Get close to Tari. Visually, it make her look like she is his second in command . The King and his consort! Not even a full month in office and Jenn is already assumed the role of Mayor 2.0 She is , by her past actions (telling businesses what to name their business/flying the gay pride flag above the US flag,etc) showing the public that she and she alone has the ear of the Mayor. She is just like Nancy Pelosi if you watch /listen to her. She thinks she is the equal of the President where Jenn thinks she is Mayor pro tem. I think someone needs to cut her down to size and remind her of what she is really : An alderman who is working for the taxpayers not the other way around. If she isnt cut down to size soon she will be sitting in the Mayor chair.

  2. wow , , these folk sure can boil the lobster instead of peanuts when it comes to serving up self serve satisfaction and damn the expense … I lost faith early on in the council and the mayor . Still a lot of plunging the downtown toilet trying to get it to shine like a polished turd . Downtown was fine till they started messing with it .. and wasting our cash ,, and I won’t even get started on the bus or school systems and how the boards are beginning to grind a lot of city citizens teeth . . this town has many who act with no care , little logic , and the theory of there’s plenty of cash or doors more to open for it . A shame , but that’s life in the pothole lane .. Thank you for making them squirm and being a fantastic honest hard working watchdog who when they go sneaky , shady , or off the path .. lets us know , as the rest of any news is lacking in both honesty and care .

  3. Stanky, these knuckleheads WASTE enough money, without you giving them ideals. Heck, they’ll NEED a consultant to tell them WHICH course is the best, and then have the taxpayers foot the bill, and for what. MORE of the same piled HIGHER and DEEPER??
    WHAT they NEED is a train ticket..ONE WAY!

  4. What’s the ROI on a $15k lawn concert? Or heck, any of the other so-called artists? The local establishment will, of course, say that we can’t put a price on quality of life, or its “not a lot of money”, and best of all try to explain how much dough it will bring in for local businesses in the area. Right. Sure, sure. They’ll also suggest that anyone questioning the BCPA hates the arts or is unenlightened. This is otherwise known as demigoging. But, let’s face it…at the end of the day, the BCPA exists to employ friends of local government and to provide entertainment for the “beautiful people”. The BCPA is the ultimate symbol of local government taking from the poor to feed (or I suppose, entertain) the rich.

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