Redacted emails – WMDB

By:  Diane Benjamin If you listened to Tari Renner’s WJBC interview yesterday, you heard him mention “real journalists” not following up on what bloggers report.  WMDB TV was at the council meeting when both Kirk Allen and I spoke. Yesterday: See these redacted emails received by FOIA.  What is Nora telling the POLICE CHIEF  concerning […]

WMDB story on the Vet Clinic problems

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night WMDB TV did a story on problems veterans with disabilities will have accessing services at the new veterans clinic in south Bloomington if they have to ride the bus to get there. I wrote about the issues here: Once again Connect Transit isn’t listening.  They plan to erect a […]

What’s Bloomington paying for Monday?

By:  Diane Benjamin I hear public comment will be worth watching at this meeting.  Bring your own camera if you attend.  Film the Council instead of the speaker. Note this is ONLY for the hotel: What is BEDC?  BASIC Economic Development courses.  Was there a course on government getting out of the way to create […]

TV spotlight on Renner and Nord

By:  Diane Benjamin Step back to last Friday – Tari Renner’s Open House.  Both WJBC and the Pantagraph had reporters there, they failed to do a story on what happened or Tari’s racist comment.  They have now allowed time for Tari to formulate a response.   Lost in this conversation are the people who attended to […]

Homeless in Bloomington-Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin According to a report by WMDB TV, there are around 250 homeless people in Bloomington-Normal. See their report here: Safe Harbor and Home Sweet Home Mission are the only two emergency shelters in town, according to the story.  Both are constantly at full or almost full capacity. Bloomington raised the Sales Tax […]

Renner: I’m ill with type A

By:  Diane Benjamin Yep, Tari was on time out.  “Medical related” meant he can’t handle his type A personality.    See the interview he did with WMDB yesterday: Tari was never on medial leave, he never quit being mayor!  Tari claims he only took a couple of weeks off,  that explains a lot about why […]

Proof WJBC isn’t real media

by:  Diane Benjamin While reviewing the Trial Balance received under the Freedom of Information Act for the BCPA, an entry under advertising looked suspicious.   For the non-accountants out there, a Trial Balance lists every entry, both income and expenses.  Below is the entry – see the one for $193,835.00.  It is labeled Like-Kind exchange. […]