WMDB story on the Vet Clinic problems

By:  Diane Benjamin

Last night WMDB TV did a story on problems veterans with disabilities will have accessing services at the new veterans clinic in south Bloomington if they have to ride the bus to get there.

I wrote about the issues here:  https://blnnews.com/2019/07/24/does-bloomington-care-about-vets/

Once again Connect Transit isn’t listening.  They plan to erect a shelter even farther away from the clinic because that is where a stop is now.  Smaller buses that can drop vets off at the door is not even being considered.  Common sense doesn’t exist because the two mayor who appoint people to the Connect Transit Board don’t have any.

The new stop will be 120 yards away from the door.  Currently the sidewalk is dangerous for anyone with difficulties walking or using a wheelchair.  Bloomington City Manager Tim Gleason claims in the report he is working on it.  Who is going to remove snow and ice in the winter Tim?

Watch the report or read the story here:  https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/vets-are-saying-access-to-new-va-clinic-will-be-limited-for-patients-with-disabilities/

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10 thoughts on “WMDB story on the Vet Clinic problems

  1. Another in the long line of news that is picked up by local media only after seen and discussed here a while ago.
    I think some slogans need to be made….

    BLNNEWS: Tomorrows’ news here today or maybe The news of the future here today
    WEEK, WMBD, Pantygraph and others: If it happened yesterday it may be here today or
    All news from yesterday delivered to you tomorrow.

  2. Connect Transit doesn’t care about its customers and certainly doesn’t care about taxpayers. Connect Transit cares about Connect Transit and it cronies feeding at the trough. How many more failures and embarrassments do we need to experience and witness before our “leaders” demand change?!

    1. Disconnect: a subsidiary of Mayor Koos and Renner. Koos/Renner and Disconnect got give a rats ass about anyone except themselves . Citizens as well as the VFW and VA should band together and sue the pants off all three! The ADA was not put into place to be ignored by liberals. You wait, Gleason will come up with the excuse that they “cant afford” to deal with this right now. They can buy the SF building , but to hell with citizens and those that served our Country.

  3. Does anyone connected with the bus lines have any common sense? Now I will watch and see how it will be the VA’s fault for picking a spot so far from the last bus stop.

  4. I have a friend who is a VET with disabilities, and he SAYS he will CONTINUE going to Danville, as they drop him off RIGHT AT THE DOOR there, and he really cannot walk much more then 25 feet. RAIN OR SHINE. Sad but true.
    IF my late father was still around AND CT did this kind of BS, IWOULD BE AT THEIR HQ 24/7 PROTESTING about this kind of crap. We OWE or veterans BETTER then this
    WHERE”S your imput Tari, Jen, Joni-who has several veterans in the family!!
    Let’s SEE IF any of these 3 have ANYTHING to say or they’ll just be another “picture on the wall at city hall”…

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