Mayors Manor

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t a reader

From the McLean County Community Action (MCCA) website, the group that runs Mayor’s Manor:

mm history

The apartments are located on the west side of downtown:

mm place

It is one block from the Coliseum, if any shows are held – visitors likely have to walk by.

The property used to be nicely maintained.  Not anymore.  There are perennials, but they are buried by weeds.  This didn’t happen overnight!  So much for an attractive downtown, I do know Tari Renner worked closely with MCCA.  Tari?

What would happen if your property in Bloomington looked like this?  Maybe MCCA ran out of money for maintenance, quasi-government programs always do.  Are the residents allowed to help?  Has anybody asked them?  Maybe teach some life skills for those able to pull a few weeds?  Ask the community for help?


7 thoughts on “Mayors Manor

  1. If this was the home of Irene and Walt Bittner, I am deeply saddened. Walt was the most decent and honorable politician that I was privileged to work beside and Irene was a sweetheart.

  2. Here’s an idea. If this is home to homeless people, why not have the homeless weed the landscape in front of the home where they’re living?????

  3. Unreal! I received two separate letters over the years warning of me of a possible fine for slightly tall grass. No issues with weeds or landscaping, just slightly tall grass, which in my mind could have gone either way in both instances. Anyway, I took the letters seriously and cut the grass ASAP. Of course, I’m not part of Tari’s inner circle or the non-profit industrial complex in Bloomington-Normal, so I don’t get a free pass. Why can’t any of the leaders of MCCA put on some work pants and roll up their sleeves? Probably too busy speaking at the local Kiwanis meetings and hobnobbing at Chamber events, mentioning all the amazing work they do to better our community. On a positive note, at least they cut down the weeds that were once blocking the sign, as evidenced by the plant stains on the face of the sign.

  4. ALL I will say here, is that WALT and his wife were on my paper route #20 in the early 70’s at this house, along with their 2 children. The place was IMMACULATE as was the WHOLE neighborhood! The plasma bank was a VERY good IGA store and the neighborhood was PROUD PEOPLE mostly from here, and they all paid their paper bill on time and kept the area CLEAN!
    THIS is a VERY GOOD example of WHAT has happened to Bloomington without GOOD stewardship.
    As for UPTOWN, well, mud speaks for itself!
    The best vision I have NOW of going on a trip is Illinois in my REAR VIEW MIRROR!!!

  5. My parents did not buy a home until I was grown & out so I always enjoy looking at tidy yards & landscaping. But I agree, this looks pretty bad. Trashy.

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