Five things:

By: Diane Benjamin

Headline from the Pantagraph: h/t a reader

So, a journalist from a country without any “freedom of the press” has partnered with the US government for almost 10 years to teach how to be a journalist and teach how to teach journalism

I think we found the reason 95% of the media is “group think” who merely recycle government talking points!

Front and Center: Beautiful planter:

Three feet south – same sidewalk – of course the CII East building . Note the pretty hanging basket just south of this eyesore. The flowers pictured are on weeds!

More downtown Bloomington – Front and Center building boarded up. How many years now?

The only news story I found about the Unmask Our Kids rally yesterday was from WMDB:

2:00 on a Friday afternoon wasn’t a great time to hold an event, but I bet more people came after they got off work. I couldn’t stay for the whole thing.

The article claims 40-50 attended. As usual, media has a problem counting. Conservative events are ALWAYS under-counted. I took these two pics at 3:00. Start counting – you will be a lot over 50. I’m not sure I even captured everyone:

A few pics from the event:

This guy thinks the website is worth your time

3 thoughts on “Five things:

  1. Between CII East and the Front and ‘Dismembered’ building, we have quite a thriving downtown. Bring on the next “catalyst” project. Bet we can make a few more vacancies happen with the next project. Well, on a positive note, at least free speech is thriving Downtown.

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  2. The new Chicago-Decatur Propaganda outlet also known as the Pantagraph did cover it. There was a picture on the app that said 80 people came out and then an article below stating over 90. The article and video were only up for a few hours. Scott Larson did a good job speaking . I also noticed the Pantagraph covered the stories about two Mayors (one in Red Bud) pleading guilty to lying to the FBI for making a profit using their positions. Do you think they come talk to Koos? I KNOW he will lie, he knows no other way.

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