Media Literacy will be taught in Illinois schools

By: Diane Benjamin The FBI told Twitter what needed to be deleted – Twitter complied. The Russia hoax was perpetuated for years by “media”. The Covid vaccine has to be the worst example of media reporting what they are told and hiding actual facts. Wearing masks did nothing and multiple shots have produced adverse effects. […]

Five things:

By: Diane Benjamin Headline from the Pantagraph: h/t a reader So, a journalist from a country without any “freedom of the press” has partnered with the US government for almost 10 years to teach how to be a journalist and teach how to teach journalism I think we found the reason 95% of the media […]

Fake News: WGLT

By:  Diane Benjamin See WGLT’s latest on Sister Cities/Tari Renner: One would think as Public Radio and part of ISU, real journalists would be writing the stories.  Evidently not.  I hope future employers of journalism students take that into account if their degree is from ISU! The story has problems determining fact from fiction. […]

He got by with it

By:  Diane Benjamin The censure approved by the Bloomington City Council Friday night is just a piece of paper.  Citizens demanded that something be done to Tari Renner for his vile comments, so you got a piece of paper.  Nobody knows who wrote it.  If you hadn’t been outraged, the Council would have done nothing. […]