UPDATE: Pantagraph: Please explain

Update:  Comments are back on the first story – including the one that probably got them shut off.  Yep – bad language on those sweet women’s signs.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Pantagraph has two stories about local people traveling to Washington DC.

This one is about local women going to march in protest of President Trump:


This one is about local people going to attend the inauguration festivities:



Why are comments NOT allowed on the first story, but they are allowed on the second?

Both stories are local.

Is the Pantagraph afraid of what will be said?

Maybe their computers can’t handle that many comments.

Maybe their left wind leanings are showing again.

Maybe they should be deemed immaterial and more subscriptions cancelled.

Seriously, you still pay them for this?


14 thoughts on “UPDATE: Pantagraph: Please explain

  1. The comments section was open briefly this morning on this story until a reader pointed out that a very important element of the story was left out. Then, poof! The comments section quickly was shut down rather than be exposed for printing a completely distorted version of the group on the front page.

    They need to respond to this type of reporting.


  2. The accompanying photo shows the “feminist” painting a protest sign that reads “FU__ OFF FASCISTS (heart) No…”. The pic was conveniently cropped to cut off the __. Someone called the Pantagraph on it and zap, the comments go down the hole.


  3. Wonder how many drums they took with them??
    I ALWAYS get a chuckle at inauguration time, as I was in attendance for the 73 one of Nixon-Agnew. As a youngster, I remember it being about -10* and these “crazy” women next to us were burning their bras, and guess what?? NONE of us cared because ALL these women either 1)didn’t need a bra or 2) were so darned ugly that a bra was the LEAST of their worries. Course we also had the Vietnam protestors, flag burners, E.R.A. women, and such. I SURE miss Nixon! and Committee To Re-Elect the President or C.R.E.E.P. as it was so delightfully called.


    1. Nice one, Townie. Judging women by their looks not by the substance of their character. I bet you’re a looker, too. Oh…and history. Nixon was nearly impeached and he resigned. And many of his staff spent time in jail. Yeah. Great time. Vietnam was a great war, too.


  4. Those comments sections are a literal sewer. I pointed out there this morning that the sign said “F*ck Fascists,”……was being painted by a person with a shirt on that said “Love Conquers Hate.” So ironic. Sickening.

    I was challenged by a leftist who said “that’s not what her sign says…you’re a big fat liar”

    I pointed him to her FB page where the sign is there in all its glory….and to other online articles where the SAME SIGN is being painted by other protesters across the country….that NONE of this is original…they’re TOLD what to paint by “community organizers”

    These leftists really concern me, but it’s a good reminder that they walk among us.


    1. We should love fascists? Really? My great uncle would disagree. Let me recall what he used to say…”the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi.” I’m good with F*ck Fascists or is this now a pro-fascist blog?


      1. Funny Rob. I’m not even going to acknowledge your question.

        The true fascists are the ones wanting to shut down others whose opinions, beliefs, values and votes are different from their own. Pulling them from their cars and beating them because of a Trump bumper sticker. Spitting on them as they leave a Trump rally. Beating them bloody outside of campaign events. Destroying property. Disrupting traffic. That’s fascism. Silencing dissenting voices through violence and threats.

        So it’s ironic that a couple of – what appear to be fascists – are saying F*ck Fascists……AND…..that they talk about love, acceptance and equality.

        You see, the left no longer gets to define my beliefs as fascism, racism, sexism, homophobic, xenophobic or deplorable.

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  5. When I stopped at my mother’s house this morning I threw her Pantagraph paper into the trash. Standard operating procedure. Did I miss something in the Pantagraph? Oh geez I’m upset now.


  6. The comments were turned off because of the hateful, sexist comments. Keep up. Here’s a tip: This “news” site, like other REAL news sites, should ANSWER questions, not pose them. If you want to know why the Pantagraph turned off the comments, call them and ask them, and then…wait for it…report what they said. Stop stirring the pot and what’s in and do something useful and productive.


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