Eating on your dime – again

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Monday’s Bills and Payroll:

The US Conference of Mayors was January 17-19 in Washington DC. I wonder if Tari stayed for today’s inauguration? Funny, he isn’t listed as attending the conference: mayors attending
What is an EAC event and why are your taxes paying for prizes?

The Pepsi Ice Center rents ice from VenuWorks:
The media got their paychecks:


The below is the promised payment to the County for mental health:

mentalAt this payment rate, the County won’t get $2.4 million.





12 thoughts on “Eating on your dime – again

  1. Sure are a lot hogs at the trough – and why would anyone in 2017 use the Pantagraph to advertise anything? No one I know is business here is using the Pantagraph anymore. Last time I looked it was the 21st Century and unless you have a bird, there is no reason to read or buy such a silly waste of trees.

      1. You know hogs are really intelligent animals… now I really can’t say that about the human hogs who seem to have to stuff their faces with expensive food purchased with public money at every meeting or opportunity they have. I am sure there are some people in town who could use some money for food? Perhaps the city officials should start inviting some homeless people to their meetings? They could show the homeless people how to (really) work the system! It would be a homeless lunch-and-learn on getting expensive free food from the government!

  2. Also TAKE NOTE at election time WHERE streets and resurfacing and “general fund” (read MORE lunch money for Tari and the commie hoard) stand. I don’t see ANY funds there. But MR TRANSPARENT says we are doing OK-just like the cat who just ripped open the catnip bag!
    What a BUNCH of self serving do-nothings. WHAT has your council, mayor, manager DONE in 4 years?? Start a list and put PLUS on one side and MINUS on the other, and get back to me WHICH side is longer??

    1. If you own Rosie’s, I’m sure you’d have a huge plus for this administration based on the number of meals eaten there by the Mayor.

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