Media Literacy will be taught in Illinois schools

By: Diane Benjamin

The FBI told Twitter what needed to be deleted – Twitter complied.

The Russia hoax was perpetuated for years by “media”.

The Covid vaccine has to be the worst example of media reporting what they are told and hiding actual facts. Wearing masks did nothing and multiple shots have produced adverse effects. How many people still don’t know the REAL facts?

The League of Women voters is holding an event you can attend or watch on Facebook. This is the same LWV who had Normal’s former City Manager Mark Peterson at a meeting discussing districts for electing Trustees where everyone but them knew what the the result would be. They were of course against better representation on the Town Council.

Does the League know the Climate Change radicals are paid to be propagandists? Al Gore is filthy rich pushing his opinion.

Journalist no longer ask essential questions: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How. Some local media outlets have a policy AGAINST investigations. That means they are merely communication purveyors for the establishment.

Media Literacy in schools is more propaganda to discourage students from examining sources of information called “conspiracy sites”.

It turns out “conspiracy” is just truth kept hidden from the masses for months or years but eventually is revealed. Still getting booster shots? Still think Biden isn’t in China’s pocket?

I wonder who will be “legitimate news”? The New York Times sponsored the 1619 Project infecting schools with ZERO references of where the information came from. Would it be the Mainstream Media that only covers stories fed to them and sensors things like Hunter’s laptop with proof the Biden’s were bought by foreign countries?

More speech is where the truth can be found. Media Literacy Now wants to limit speech – “personal responsibility”. “Personal responsibility” wants to make people afraid to share information – self censoring.

Parents need to see what will be stuffed into your high schoolers brains. Independent writers often produce far more truth than traditional media. Make sure your kids aren’t fooled!

How do you think BlnNews is classified? šŸ¤£šŸ˜šŸ˜Ž


6 thoughts on “Media Literacy will be taught in Illinois schools

  1. Praying and looking forward to JB Prickster being the next IL governor to end up in prison.

    1. The thing about Pritzker is somehow he’s devious enough to know that the way to start a revolution in America starts in K-12. He’s turning the Land of Lincoln into the Land of Marx.

  2. All they need to know (well, okay, Most) about media literacy they can get from watching the Wizard of Oz.

  3. Yes we must make sure that nothing but the Marxist radicalization message gets to the ears of Illinois’ students. Thanks Paulo Freire!

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