It wasn’t Corey Beirne:

A little birdie told me today the guy who removed and hid the literature at the union hall for the 4 conservative candidates was:

Ben Matthews

Who is Ben Matthews besides a typical leftists who doesn’t want union members to hear more than his side? (Free speech not allowed!)

More Info from LinkedIn:

He was a Unit 5 teacher before taking this job.

Union members:

Did you know you aren’t allowed to have opinions of your own? Ben treats you like slaves, you must vote as told. Ben’s people what everyone lined up and not stepping out with thoughts of silly things like Unit 5 parents, students, and taxpayers deserve better.

If you want some fun reading, click this link:

Note the school districts Unit 5 compares itself to on PDF page 9. On PDF page 16, 18, and 19 they use different districts.

Next got back to PDF page 10: Somebody at Unit 5 should explain why State Funding has been increasing since 2015 but they still have a revenue problem.

PDF page 14 explains why. Expenses are skyrocketing. It’s a spending problem!

Vote No Again and for a new school board: Wurth, Franks, Jada, Emery.

17 thoughts on “It wasn’t Corey Beirne:

  1. this is BS. I was at the meeting and I saw the other candidate’s literature sitting on the pass through to the kitchen area alongside everyone else’s. Post a picture or a video showing Ben hiding the conservative candidate’s literature if you want this accusation regarded as anything more than hearsay. This gossip column is good for nothing more than turning the rumor mill. No wonder people don’t take you seriously.


      1. I want the video evidence also. You are infamous for viciously attacking people so you can sensationalize your blog . This as the other commenter stated hearsay and gossip. I hope Ben Matthews sues your pants off,


  2. Lots of union bosses tow the party line or they don’t have that cush job. Filters down. Do the BA’s bidding or the rank and file don’t work. It’s been just like that for decades.


  3. I wonder if there is a way to measure the impact that posts like these have on local elections. It seems that the more based on hearsay or rumor they are, the more universally they are disliked and disdained by potential voters on both sides — ergo, who are these posts really serving, except for the most animated or gullible?


  4. Interesting. How come you haven’t reported on the election interference by McLean County Republicans, who have donated $1,500 to conservative school board candidates in Unit 5. Seems like election intereference for what are supposed to be non-partisan elections. Thr McLean County Democrats have never donated money to candidates in nonpartisan elections.


      1. You didn’t really answer my question. Why should I care more about why someone moved a few pieces of literature at a Union Hall (Note: This is not a public venue. It is the venue of the Unions holding the event. Just as they can endorse whom they choose, they can do what they please in regards to access to campaign li.t) rather than the McLean County Rebulicans donating money to candidates in non-partisan elections (which is unprecedented in local elections as far as I know).

        Can you please explain to me why the first item is a more significant issue of “election interference” than the second item?


          1. Why is the moving of Campaign lit in a private (not public) venue a bigger issue of “election interference” than the McLean County Republican Party dumping thousands of dollars into non-partisan races (which is unprecedented for any political party in the County to do)?


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