Renner: I’m ill with type A

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yep, Tari was on time out.  “Medical related” meant he can’t handle his type A personality.   

See the interview he did with WMDB yesterday:

Tari was never on medial leave, he never quit being mayor!  Tari claims he only took a couple of weeks off,  that explains a lot about why the City constantly raises taxes and fees.  They are MATH challenged.    Stretching the truth has to be draining.  It’s hard to remember who got told what!

Your illustrious mayor couldn’t help blaming me! Evidently I’ve been suing Bloomington over all sorts of things for half a decade!  I’ve filed TWO lawsuits.  One for emails the City illegally redacted – I won Tari.  The second for documents from the Coliseum.  Um,  how did that one turn out Tari?

Renner claims he didn’t violate any personnel policies and the Japan charge wasn’t even on his PCard.  Instead of a State Police investigation, he claims I filed a lawsuit over the PCard flap!  Can you forward those documents Tari?  I’d like to see what I filed.

He is right about the charges not being on his card.  Some random City employee bought Margot’s ticket on her PCard – was that a present?  Please explain how that wasn’t done at your direction!

Congrats Bloomington!

Tari is out of time out and still blaming everybody but himself.  He will still attack anyone who questions him and lie whenever he speaks.

Send the Council a thank you card for allowing the bully in chief back with no penalties!

Confidence in local government is reaching in a new low.


Want some entertainment?

Read what I wrote in July of 2016:





16 thoughts on “Renner: I’m ill with type A

  1. That man is pure evil. Unrepentant and unredeemable.
    Love you profile photo of him, BTW. Captures his Simian, smug, smirk with classic accuracy. Pure Evil!


  2. Hard to believe there’s “folks” who actually find him electable as a mayor. He’s not even a good person! Too bad the council don’t realize that HIS actions reflect on THEM!


  3. I would find his explanation for his absence completely different than taking a “medical leave.” “Pulling back” on duties is different than taking a full leave of absence from responsibilities.


  4. Whose PCard did Renner use to pay for a one night stay in a hotel in the airport terminal and for meals on two different days while in Japan? The Sister City provided special accommodations and meals for both mayors during the official visit.


  5. I’m looking into what it would take to “recall” Taxin’ Tari and whether there’s sufficient evidence to mount a recall effort. I’m not seeing anything on the City of Bloomington’s website as to the process and procedure, if even allowed. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


  6. now I know why he uses the phrase “forgot to take their meds” like they say, Takes one to know one!!! and he is definitely one whacked out dude.. actually kind of scary he looks like he could go postal any second.


      1. ,,,the dude never could take much pressure. Been a side steppin’ political hack all of his life. It’s finally catching up with him. Growing up with the Napolean complex he is finally figuring out that he is now the bully that he once hated as he struggles with his inner self. Not to mention the fact that investigations tend to make the guilty nervous and it shows.


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