Will Joliet dump Hales?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bloomington ignored what Bend Oregon said about David Hales, I wonder if Joliet will make the same mistake?

See this link:


This media source and City employees appear to be as clueless as ours!


“If there’s a pending criminal investigation, I don’t know who knew,” O’Dekirk said. “I don’t think the city manager knew what the state police were doing.”

Regis, who also serves as the city’s inspector general, said the indictments should be seen as “a major plus” for Hales.

Regis also said it should not be assumed that Hales knew of the investigation.

I know numerous people from here contacted the City of Joliet.

You may want to contact them again and include some facts!

(They don’t know how to use Google in Joliet?)


The bad news is, if the Council doesn’t FIRE Hales and Joliet dumps him, you are stuck with him!



14 thoughts on “Will Joliet dump Hales?

  1. Didn’t he have to invoke a 60-day clause that he was leaving? Hopefully now that he invoked it he would have to leave – effectively he has already quit his post.

  2. He orally resigned at the Council meeting Monday night. Thats just as good. The city is under no obligation to give him his job back if Joliet pulls their offer. None! One wasn’t contingent upon the other. If they pull their offer , which they ought to do , then he is

      1. You make a very good point o wise one but it’s my humble uneducated guess that if they took him back, it would be political suicide for each and every one of them.

  3. Hales is a master of manipulating the truth by using omission. He does it all the time with the meeting packets given to the Council. The folks in Joliet are idiots if they don’t realize it is the City Manager’s job to oversee contracts and financials.

  4. Reptiles will take care of themselves, always, of their own, usually, but now and then they will eat their own, lets see how this one plays out.

  5. Well, let’s not OVER THINK this, and make a simple task more complex then it is, blah, blah, blah!
    We can discuss it over dinner. And reach a comprise solution, yada, yada, yada,
    Where does one LEARN to be a city manager-the carnival??
    And Joliet DIDN’T know about his RECORD here? Where do they get their news-National Enquirer?

  6. I have been made aware Renner is medically approved to return to work. I would like to see a copy of his medical release. I think we all agree it is necessary.

  7. I can see how the Joliet city officials were probably fed a sack of manure. I can remember when I was on a school board we hired a head hunter company to find us a Superintendent. Usually all you ever heard about a candidate was filtered and fluffed up by the head hunters. No one on the board ever went to any school district where the candidate was from or dug into their past. Maybe on occasion a board member would get contacted by someone but no one ever took it seriously.

    “If there’s a pending criminal investigation, I don’t know who knew,” O’Dekirk said. “I don’t think the city manager knew what the state police were doing.” What did he think the ISP were doing, looking for a bouquet of red roses? You can probably bet Hales knew very well there was a criminal investigation going on.

    Regis, I would terminate that guy in a heart beat and made sure he made it out the door before it shut.

    I wonder if a group of citizens could sue Hales? It sure seems possible.

  8. If Joliet changes their mind which at this point they can because things were omitted on purpose. Hales is unemployed the contract now has an expiration date he changed.
    That date comes his is done. Joliet should change their minds. See neither ranting renner nor your money is my money hales have been open, honest and transparent for years. Remember renner wanted to fire YMIMM hales for those close too the the campaign the first time knew about. So so sorry everyone. Just know Joliet is not going to be a place I will ever call home. Just like Bloomington will be soon for me and many soon to be ex State Farm neighbors. They already reduced the contractors by hundreds. Sales of homes are down right ? The sign will read Population was 75000 now 5000

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